We Heart Hidden Storage

As you guys very well know, we both live in small homes.

This beautifully decorated backyard is colorful with tons of open space. These classic white built-ins around the TV are great for storage and decor. But we’re still living very BIG lives, even though each of our spaces is only about 1,200 square feet. We don’t have “stuff” all over the place, we keep our homes organized, and while we’d love a few more closets…we’re really doing a-okay with the space we do have.

The pop of blue in the accent pillow pairs well with the white and gray tones of the room. How do we make it work? It’s all thanks to hidden storage. Or as we sometimes call it, “secret storage.”

This customized wood cutout piece is great for keeping phone essentials organized. We have many sneaky tricks to store our everyday, household items and we’re sharing the details over on one of our favorite blogs.

These labeled plastic containers are great for organizing the medicine cabinet. Check out our 5 tips to incorporate hidden storage into our small spaces over on iHeart Organizing!

Adding containers under your bed make for great storage.  Now we want to hear about your tips & tricks for living in small quarters! Tell us how you make it work, because we can always use some new tried and true methods to make our homes more organized & efficient.

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