We Heart Hidden Storage

As you guys very well know, we both live in small homes.

patio landscaping backyard family-room-television-built-insBut we’re still living very BIG lives, even though each of our spaces is only about 1,200 square feet. We don’t have “stuff” all over the place, we keep our homes organized, and while we’d love a few more closets…we’re really doing a-okay with the space we do have.

pillows-master-bedroomHow do we make it work? It’s all thanks to hidden storage. Or as we sometimes call it, “secret storage.”

charging-stationWe have many sneaky tricks to store our everyday, household items and we’re sharing the details over on one of our favorite blogs.

medicine-cabinetCheck out our 5 tips to incorporate hidden storage into our small spaces over on iHeart Organizing!

bedroom-hidden-storage-gifNow we want to hear about your tips & tricks for living in small quarters! Tell us how you make it work, because we can always use some new tried and true methods to make our homes more organized & efficient.

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  • shawnna griffin

    Great post! I try to stay organized, keep things put away and picked up! My husband and I cleaned a lot last week (he was off all week) I guess it was our version of spring cleaning! Cleaned out the closets sorted through a lot of stuff. Cleaned up our shop building.He went to the dump twice! Crazy how much you accumulate over the years!

    • Isn’t that the best feeling, Shawnna! Love spring cleaning and feeling so much “lighter”!

  • Kathleen Fanone

    Did not know where to put this comment, but do you ever plan to show a way to update old,brown, 50’s doors? Our house has over 23 on the second floor!

    • Oh boy that’s a lot of doors Kathleen! We don’t have any immediate plans for a post of that nature (neither of us have any doors like that), but we could definitely think about adding a door post to our calendar. Thanks for the idea!

  • Hira

    I’ve been considering the Tufted Wingback bed from Skyline furniture. Do you have just the headboard in your room? From the pictures, it looks like the bed would be too low to be able to store anything under the bed and I desperately need that. Wondering if I should also only buy the headboard…

    • I only have the headboard..not the bed frame. I don’t think we would be able to store anything underneath the bed if we had the complete bed. So if you’re looking for storage…maybe just consider the headboard?