Casey’s Patio Plans for her City Balcony

Since we moved into our condo last September, our small patio has been completely neglected.

augusta-balcony-deck-before-patioAll we really did was throw our grill out there, along with a small patio table and chairs that we have had for about 10 years. We did string some lights along the banister, but that was about as much love as this little area got since we’ve moved in.

Our Patio – Before

balcony-augusta-before-patio-deckWe figured, “why give this area any attention when winter is just going to destroy it?!” So over all of these months of being new homeowners, it’s been pretty sad looking.

augusta-deck-balcony-beforeBut that’s all about to change! Now that the temps are finally warming up a bit, we’re so eager to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. And even though we don’t have a ton of space out there, we still feel lucky to have an uncovered outdoor space and we’re excited to make the most of it!

augusta-balcony-beforeThis outdoor space is a rather strange shape…with that triangle and all…but after some measuring and planning, we think we have some ideas to maximize all of the square footage and make the layout work to our advantage.

before-balconyThe grill will definitely be staying because we love to grill dinners when it’s warm out and really get a ton of use out of it. Beyond that though, we’re going to start from scratch. Our first priority is to add some seating. I’m thinking a petite couch, some chairs, and a coffee table. We want to make the patio feel relaxing, inviting, and hopefully add a few more seats so we can entertain out there. After the furniture is added, we’ll jazz it up with a rug, accessories, pillows, and plants that I can (hopefully?!) keep alive throughout the summer!

Patio Inspiration


Image via My Domaine

hunted-interiorImage via Hunted Interior

After perusing sources for inspiration, I think I have finalized the “look” for the space.


Image via Pottery Barn

My design plan is to incorporate black & white with hints of palm print as an accent! I think it will look classy and understated, but the palm prints will give it a fun quirky feel. Plus it will make it easy to incorporate some greenery with plants!

Here’s the mood board (aka what I’m envisioning) for the space.

Patio Plans

Patio Plans

Rug // Stools // Monogram Pillow // Palm Print Pillows // Similar Furniture (the set above is currently sold out)

And guess what?! You don’t have to wait very long to see how this space is shaping up! Next Thursday (yes, 1 week from today!), I plan on revealing our new patio space…. furniture, accessories, plants & all! Now let’s hope our Chicago weather will plan accordingly because I cannot wait to share our new outdoor oasis with all of you.

balcony-augusta-before-patio-deckThank goodness this sad, barren balcony will get the attention it deserves.