Casey’s Guest Bedroom Reveal

So we officially kicked off the guest room makeover in March, and now here we are a little over 2 months later…ready for the big guest bedroom REVEAL!

View More:’ve gotta say I am so proud of this room because both the DIY and design choices were way out of my comfort zone. Plus, it looks a heck of a lot different than it did with the previous owners. Augusta-Guest-Room-Before.30 PMAugusta-Guest-Bedroom-Before.27 PM

From the start Bridget & I decided that we were going to try to DIY as much as possible in this space. The only project we hired out was the sconces (installing electrical is way too advanced for us), but we completed all of the other DIY projects without any professional help. Before we got started, I remember telling Finn how anxious and worried I was for this space. I made dozens of lists with project ideas, supplies, and items we needed to buy. I browsed ideas for the wood wall and for the fauxdenza. I felt completely OVERWHELMED. But I slowly but surely tackled each part of the room and now that it’s over, I’m can confidently say that I am so happy I stepped outside of my DIY comfort zone.View More:

I also feel like I made some bold design choices (at least bold for me!), and I really do think they paid off. The daaaaark navy walls look amazing and cozy, and not like a dungeon. The brass and gold accessories add glamour to the space. The assortment of art and accessories make it feel upscale, yet inviting. While I love the rest of our home, it was fun to do something a little different in this space.

View More: let’s recap what went into making this space.

guest-room-diy-ladderOur first big project was the wood wall. Bridget & I set aside an entire weekend to get this baby done, but ended up completing all of the hard work in about 5 hours. It was scary and exciting all at the same time.

dewalt-miter-sawguest-room-wood-wallwood_wall_gifWe had so much fun handling the big power tools and it made us realize that we really do want to tackle more advanced DIY’s by ourselves. After getting all of the wood on the wall, we filled all of the nail holes and caulked the edges.

valspar-paintWith the wood wall up, it was time to paint the room. After narrowing it down to a few navy colors, we ended up going with the color “Dutch Licorice” by Valspar.

wood-wall-guest-room-diy-dutch-licoriceIt’s dark…but oh so pretty. We had a blast painting (my mom even came in to help for a bit), and loved the way the color transformed the small space.

new-ceiling-light-guest-roomView More: the walls finished, it was time for the next step…LIGHTING! Finn & I removed the old ceiling fixture and replaced it with a more glamorous brass one. This baby lights up the entire space, and it wasn’t too difficult to install. Yes, electrical projects can be scary…but as long as you stay safe, turn the power off, and check that no power is running to your wires, you should be good to at least give it a try!

hudson-valley-gold-wall-sconceI then had the sconces installed and a new light switch put on the wall to turn them on and off.

plywood-saw-horsesWith those up, it was time to tackle the final DIY project for the space, the fauxdenza. After a big trip to Ikea, we had most of our supplies and got to work.

View More: More: did end up having a few fails with this project (like this gold hardware mess), and even had to cut and stain the wood twice. Not fun, but a big learning experience along the way.View More:

In the end, the fauxdenza turned out even better than I expected and I love how much storage it adds to the small space.

View More: More: More: all of the big projects done, it was time for furniture and accessories. A new rug, headboard, and art was all I needed for this bedroom. View More: the help of Minted, I created a sentimental gallery wall over the large credenza.

View More: I made a comfy bed with some new pillows and a bright white duvet.

View More: after allll of that, this room came to life. But let’s get to my favorite part…THE BEFORE & AFTERS!

MLS Listing …Augusta-Guest-Bedroom-Before.27 PM

After moving in…guest-room-before

Now!View More:

MLS Listing…Augusta-Guest-Room-Before.30 PM

After moving in…guest-room-blank-wall-before

Now!View More: More: More: More:

What I Learned from Our Guest Room Makeover

bridget-casey-diy-guest-room-project1. Don’t be Scared to DIY: I’ll be the first to admit, DIY projects can be scary. But you’re never going to gain more confidence if you don’t give a project a try. How can you get better at something you’ve never done before? Throughout this room makeover, I realized that with a little research, hard work, and courage I can tackle projects that used to really scare me. It also helped to have Bridget by my side for every minute of the wood wall project. Working side by side & figuring out the complicated process together made the entire experience that much more enjoyable (and actually a lot of FUN!). So when in doubt, enlist the help of a friend!

Casey-miter-saw-diy2. If you Fail, Keep Trying: I obviously ran into some problems when it came to the fauxdenza. Man oh man, the expression “measure twice, cut once” is definitely accurate! After I had spent 2 days obsessing over the wood, only to realize that it wasn’t the right width, I was ready to tear my hair out. I also wanted to just go forward with the wood that wasn’t absolutely perfect. Luckily Finn talked me out of it and said if I was going to do it, I should do it the right way. I’m so happy I listened to him.

View More: Try a New Look: Whites and grays are my jam. But it was time to try something new. I’m so happy I went bolder for this space. Was I scared to paint my walls dark? Heck yes! Am I happy I did something different? Absolutely! It’s just 1 room in our home, so why not go a little crazy? Choosing accessories and colors outside of my comfort zone was a welcome challenge.

bridget-spacer-guest-room-diy4. Schedule Time for Projects: Looking at this room as a whole was really overwhelming for me. I had so many ideas, and wasn’t sure how to execute them all. So I broke down the process (wood wall, painting, lighting, fauxdenza, accessories) and literally scheduled out my weekends to get this space done. Having a set date written on the calendar forced me to get my guest room to-do list crossed off one item at a time. I highly suggest doing this if you’re working on a space.

View More: there we have it…. our COMPLETED guest room space from start to finish. Now the real question is… who is coming over to be our guest?!

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  • Summer Hogan

    It’s absolutely beautiful Casey! I love every inch!!

  • Rebecca

    Looks amazing. What a pretty and restful guest room. Very inspiring–well done!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey Casey – the room is so cool! Great job!

  • Ana Da Silva Simoes

    Well done it look s fab

  • Wow..I can’t believe how amazing this looks! I was a little worried the dark walls would make it look closed off and tiny, but with all of the bright accessories and furniture it makes it look more cozy and larger. Great job!

    • I had the exact same fears, Gretchen! So happy it didn’t turn into a dark cave 🙂

  • Jeanie

    Looks amazing! Now I’m inspired for my own guest room!

    • So great to hear that Jeanie! Good luck with your space

  • You did such a great job on this space! I appreciate the reminder to break up large projects into smaller ones! We are looking at a pretty big master bedroom refresh and right now I’m pretty overwhelmed with all we want to do! But excited! Just need to focus on one part at a time!

    • Thanks so much Diana. Baby steps is the way to go, or you’re right…it’s way too overwhelming!

  • Lisa Martin

    This is such a beautiful space! It will surely offer a peaceful respite for some lucky guest! Thank you for taking us along for the makeover journey!

    • You are so sweet Lisa! Happy to have you along for the ride!

  • Trang

    It looks great Casey. Definitely a room you can be proud of.
    DYI is a lot of work and it often pays off. I’m not feeling that part right now as I’m scraping and pulling up old wood floors in the kitchen, but there must be an end in sight soon!

    • Thanks Trang! You are working hard over there…you go girl!

  • Jill Steinwender

    The bedroom turned out great! It was fun watching /reading the whole process! Quick question- where did you store all of the things that were in the room before the transformation? (bicycle, sewing machine, books)

    • Thanks Jill! Great question. Those pictures are actually from when we bought our condo 9 months ago. They’re the MLS listing photos from the previous owners. So we don’t actually own 2 bikes & a sewing machine. But we do store our 1 bike and similar items in our storage unit. Instead we just had a bed, dresser, and bookcase in this space and we ended up putting a few items on Craigslist that we didn’t love, to make room for new items we do love!

  • Kjaydee

    I could not be more in love with this room. The navy blue paint? TO DIE FOR, especially with all the grey and white touches. Bravo! So well done. Your guests will be so happy!

  • What a beautiful transformation!!! I love the navy wall.