Food Prep in the Finn Household

Remember earlier this year when we did a post about how we both utilize our Sundays to get ready for the work week ahead?

How to get organized for the week

In that post, we chatted about how food prep was a big part of each of our Sunday afternoons. Okay wait scratch that “our.” Instead let’s replace it with “our husbands'” Sunday afternoons. Finn & Matt are the cooks in our households, and they often do the food prep for the workweek lunches. (Yes, we know we are lucky girls!)

packed-lunchBack when we chatted about our Sundays, a lot of you expressed interest in seeing what food we prep for the week. We were honestly a little surprised because our daily lunches are pretty boring, but heck…if you’re interested, we’re always up for sharing!

finn-kitchen-cookingSo I convinced Finn to allow me to take some pics on a Sunday afternoon as he made our lunches for the week. And today I’m going to share the exciting healthy details of our daily lunches.

First of all, we typically eat the same thing just about everyday for lunch at work. I know, totally boring right?! But we usually indulge on the weekends by eating out, ordering takeout, and enjoying our fair share of cocktails. So healthy lunches during the weekdays are actually welcomed with open arms after indulgent weekends.

broccoli-sweet-potatoesHere’s what Finn usually cooks for our work week lunches:

  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Roasted Broccoli
  • Grains (typically quinoa or our favorite Trader Joe’s grain blend!)
  • Grilled Chicken

We buy frozen broccoli and frozen chicken breasts in bulk from Costco every month. That way we always it on-hand for our lunches. Finn typically de-frosts the chicken, while he works on the veggies & grains.

finn-broccoliWe roast the broccoli when it’s still frozen, on a pan covered in foil for about 30 minutes at 425 degrees. Finn coats it in olive oil and seasons with salt & pepper for extra flavor. I love when it’s a little bit charred…one of my favorite parts of our lunches!

sweet-potatoesI buy sweet potatoes whole from the grocery store and Finn peels and chops them up before baking them in the oven. Again, these go for about 30 minutes on a high heat. So yummy.Β food-prep-supplies

We buy quinoa in bulk from Costco too, but sometimes we’ll change things up and use the Harvest Grain blend from Trader Joe’s. It’s seriously delicious and features a mix of cous cous, quinoa, and orzo. Finn just follows the directions, and uses vegetable broth to really give it flavor.

finn-cookingFinn usually makes a marinade for the chicken and depending on the weather he’ll sometimes grill it outside. That’s my favorite! If it’s raining or cold (which is about 80% of the time around here….) he’ll just bake the chicken in the oven. Again, still good and I can’t complain since I don’t contribute much when it comes to cooking.

fruitAdditional Items in my lunchbox:

  • Black Beans (sometimes I’ll add some to my lunch for a bit more protein)
  • Avocado (I’ll often bring one to cut up and put on top of my lunch)
  • Salsa or Marinara Sauce (if I’m looking for a little extra flavor I’ll top my lunch with one of these!)
  • Banana (morning snack)
  • Apple (afternoon snack)

cutting-broccoliAdditional Food Prepped on Sunday:

  • Chopped Veggies for Hummus
  • Rinsed & chopped berries for breakfast


Once all of the food is prepped and ready, I’ll portion out my lunch in tupperware and pack it all up in my lunchbox.Β packed-lunch

That way in the morning all I have to do is grab my lunchbox and walk out the door.Β finn-kitchen-cooking

So there you have it…our not-so-exciting weekday lunch plan! Kudos to Mr. Finn for taking control as the chef of our household. That man keeps me happy & well-fed. But I will say that for the couple of hours when he’s food prepping, the TV usually looks like this….watching-sports-cooking…with sports on and the TV turned towards the kitchen. So he doesn’t have it that bad πŸ™‚

packed-lunch-workOkay, now I want to hear…what do you guys make for lunch each week? While we love our lunch routine, it would be nice to shake it up and add more healthy essentials to the menu!


  • Erin

    my lunch is usually dinner leftovers from the night before. but seriously! what what what? you peel the sweet potatoes. I don’t have time for that! i just wash it and cut it up into fry shape and roast them!!!

    • He’s a keeper, right?! He doesn’t mind putting in the time on Sunday… especially when there’s a good game on. πŸ˜‰

  • Sara Letsch

    My lunch is usually a Mason Jar Salad filled with veggies, half a hard boiled egg, some shredded buffalo chicken and lots of greens! I meal prep all of our food for the week (all three meals + snacks), so my boyfriend has his jar salad earlier on our first break, and then a main course dish for his lunch.

    I love how much easier food prep makes things! It feels so good to be able to grab lunch as you are headed out the door to work!

    • Wow… I’ve seen mason jar salads around the internet but haven’t really chatted with anyone that consistently eats them. Really love this idea and the convenience of grabbing it on the go. How do you store the salad dressing? Any convenient tips you can share? I kinda want to try this now, thank you!!

    • Sara Letsch

      I’ve been eating them 6 days a week for lunch for over a year now πŸ™‚ The salad dressing actually goes in the jar at the bottom. Then you add the veggies, putting the ones you don’t mind soaking at the bottom. Mine usually include red onion, celery, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. Then you add your protein (if you are having any). Mine is usually half a hard boiled egg and shredded buffalo chicken. Then the salad greens. Then any toppings, if you want them, like nuts, seeds, croutons, etc.

      I love mason jar salads, if you can’t tell lol. One tip I can think of: bring a container to dump the salad out of the jar into for actually eating it. They don’t tend to mix well in the jar, or at least mine don’t. Too full of salad!

      I actually blog my weekly meal prep, among other things. It’s one of the major things I do each week that makes my life run easier, plus helps to keep my eating on track πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for sharing these tips! Going to check out the blog posts now for even more info. =) Thanks Sara!

  • shawnna griffin

    Hey Casey love the post! I need to eat more healthy. I mostly stay at home for lunch. So I have plenty of time to do whatever. I just love pasta and broccoli together with a little bit of parm and grated cheddar cheese! So yummy! but I also love hummus! The other day I bought these new crackers special K brand with Quinoa. They are so good with the hummus! I think I may like it better than pita chips.ha

    • OMG — that sounds delicious! I’m going to have to try those, thanks for sharing!

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    This is nearly exactly what I typically prep for lunches too! πŸ™‚

    • How crazy is that?! Hope all is well with baby Brooklyn, she’s adorable!

  • Great question! Usually the grains stay fine for that amount of time, but you’re right….veggies can get a little soggy 5 days later! We’ll sometimes roast up some extra veggies mid-week for our Thursday & Friday lunches. And if we do ever go out to lunch, it’s always at the end of the week once the food has gotten kinda low.

  • Trang

    This is precisely what we do in our household (only I’m the one doing most of the food prep). We stick to a basic meals each week. A lot of grilled chicken, turkey or bison burgers, ground chicken or turkey meat balls mixed in with shredded zucchini for extra veggies. Grilled okra is awesome if you haven’t tried that. Grilled asparagus, broccoli, & green beans too. We make cauliflower rice too to change it up a bit from grains.

    • Your options sound way more fun! Bison? Turkey meatballs? Wow, so much more exciting than our lame grilled chicken. I’m definitely gonna have to look into a few of these options. Thanks for the inspiration, Trang!

  • SadieBee

    I’m not a great cook, so this was such a helpful read! I love Aldi and Trader Joe’s, and Aldi has veggie burger patties I like to eat sometimes, when I’m bored with my regular meats/proteins. And I loved the comments about mason jar salads– I’ve been meaning to try those for a while now! It’s just me and my dog, so I don’t have a meal prepare! I’m trying to be a grown up and eat actual meals, haha. I also am literally taking notes on your weekend prep post you linked in the beginning of this article. I am really working on work-life balance, and time management and healthy eating are so key to achieving that. I’m so glad I found your blog!

    • SadieBee

      Oh, one last thing– in an effort to add some variety to my life, I’ve started getting a veggie tray once in a while, and prepping bags of snack veggies for the week. I realize this is kind of common, but it was a game changer for me! More variety, and 1 tray goes a decent way for 1 person.

    • Sadie, love these tips! And so happy that our Sunday prep post could help you get ready for the week ahead. It really keeps us both on track.

      The veggie tray is a great idea. I too find that if I don’t chop up veggies and have them at my disposal..they go bad quick! Love the veggie burger idea too!