Progress & an Updated Nursery To-do list

Nothing like a baby’s due date to get our buns in gear to get this nursery makeover going! Our goal is to be done with the nursery about a month before this baby’s arrival… just in case he or she decides to make an early arrival this summer. Which means we will be moving quickly over the next few weeks to transform this space from office to nursery.

Katie is due on July 2nd, so our goal is to be out of her hair by early June (at the latest). So we had no choice but to get to work last weekend to get some of the “dirty work” done and that’s exactly what we did. Remember what this room looked like last week?
nursery_beforeWell, well, well…. this old office looks pretty different now. Check it out…temp_wallpaper_nursery_progressCrazy what a fresh coat of paint and some de-cluttering can do, right? We actually went with the same color we used in B’s bedroom, which was Valspar’s Filtered Shade, to paint this room. We love how this color looks in B’s bedroom (a soft but pure gray) AND we had about a half of a gallon leftover from that project, so we thought that using it again would be a great way to save money. Leftover paint = FREE <– our favorite price.
nursery_before-002But we didn’t just paint last weekend. See this wall right there?! Well… check out what it looks like now:temp_wallpaper_nursery_progress-7Yes… that is wallpaper, herringbone TEMPORARY wallpaper to be exact. One of KT’s wish list items was to have a wood wall. We loved the idea of a wood wall but were concerned that in this small space (a 10×10 room) the dark wood would be too heavy and too permanent (yikes).

And we thought a dark wood wall could be appropriate if they had a boy, but what if they have a girl?! That poor girl would never forgive me! So instead of creating a permanent wood wall, we got two rolls of this tempaper and used that to create a “wood wall” that was lighter, brighter, and can be taken down whenever Katie gets sick of it.


We are working on a tempaper tutorial to share more details on how we hung this wallpaper (stay tuned), but wow… we really enjoyed trying this product!

Rookie Tip: If you need a quick tutorial before we post about our experience, we found this video on Tempaper’s website to be helpful!

The process was a tad tedious, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that the paper was more forgiving than we expected… meaning that when we originally stuck it to the wall, we were able to peel it back and adjust it several times in order to make any corrections as we went.

That doesn’t necessarily mean hanging it was a piece of cake, but it definitely did make the process easier and far more manageable for wallpaper rookies like us. And since things went well (and there are so many tempaper options to choose from!), we are kind of loving the idea of trying this in our own homes someday. Add it to the to-do list, right?! temp_wallpaper_nursery_progress-3

And speaking of to-do lists, here’s an updated look at our Nursery to-do list:

  • Clean out room & closet
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Put together crib & glider (I think we recruited the father-to-be to tackle this project for us… yay!)
  • Purchase a dresser (we’re looking for a dark wood yet affordable dresser to complement the light wood wall. So far, we haven’t had much luck, but we’re heading to the Land of Nod Outlet this week so hopefully we will find something that works!)
  • Find a rug (we’re thinking colorful to incorporate some color into this space)
  • Purchase bedding, pillows, and additional “baby stuff”
  • Build shelves? <— if they fit, we hope they do since there isn’t much storage in this space
  • Choose/hang art (I think we’ll be going with some Minted pieces again, I mean have you seen their nursery art collections?! #somanyoptions)
  • Accessorize
  • Photograph the Space
  • Celebrate and impatiently wait for this baby’s arrival!

The time is ticking and we can’t wait to get everything done so Katie has peace of mind well before her due date. We will of course keep you guys updated as we make more progress, but until then please answer us this — how the heck do expectant mothers do all of this nursery DIY work while they’re pregnant?! #SUPERWOMEN Bridget and Casey Signature

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls it’s looking so good! Great job!

  • Trang

    I love the idea of temporary wallpaper, but man, they are expensive! I do love what you’ve done to the room though; its very bright and serene at the same time to me.

    • Kara D

      I agree, I remember looking into temporary wallpaper when I lived in rentals and the price scared me off quick! If I did go for it, the extra pressure to not mess up and choose a wrong pattern would have been my next roadblock, hah!

    • Trang

      Hahaha. Yep, deciding which style to go with would be a tough one. The stress might indeed put me over the edge.

    • I hear ya, Trang! That’s why we opted to do one wall and not more.

  • Kristen Ayotte

    Looks like you’re off to a great start! I’m going to check out the temporary wallpaper, seems like such a great solution.

    • Thanks Kristen!! Hope you find something you like =)

  • Chelsea Schlagbaum

    I have been coveting a rug from The Land of Nod and stopped at the outlet to check it out. My mom said she wanted to get it for me and the employee at the store asked if she was on the “list.” When they had one come in they called and asked her if she still wanted it. We were so excited for such a great bargain! If you have something in mind you could always see if it comes in to save a few bucks.

    • OMG Congrats!! Love when we hear about “steals”!!!

      And spoiler alert: we made it to Land of Nod Outlet earlier this week and scored a DRESSER AND a RUG!! Thanks for the heads up!! We can’t wait to share all about it & are so excited about finding a deal =)