Succulent Planter from Target + a VIDEO

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that I recently scored this ADORABLE indoor planter (on sale) for under $20 at Target last week.

succulent_target_stand_plant-3I bought the smallest size of this planter but this exact planter comes in three different sizes — small, medium, large — which makes it perfect for just about any space.

As you probably know by now, both of us are complete rookies when it comes to keeping indoor plants alive. We try our best to sprinkle our house with greenery, follow the tips and tricks we research, and give our plants some serious TLC, but all too often our indoor plants don’t have the best luck (poor things). HOWEVER, that is NOT stopping us from still trying and hopefully eventually getting it right!

Here’s a super short video showing how quick and easy it is to plant your own succulent garden. All you’ll need is a coffee filter, mini rocks, soil, and of course the succulents. The hyperlapse video is just a few seconds but the whole process took less than 5 minutes…. start to finish. Like literally 5 minutes tops.
succulent_target_stand_plant-5I’ve never met a five-minute project that looked so gorgeous! If only keeping these suckers alive was just as easy as planting them.

The good news is that I’m feeling optimistic that I can handle this… it’s my summer challenge if you will. Can I keep this planter alive and thriving all summer long?


I sure hope so. Remember this mini planter we chatted about a few months ago? I have been taking care of it since then and I’m excited to share that this plant is still alive 2 months later (yes… I did say months, as in the plural version of month). Trust me, I can’t believe it either!! I water it every once in a while (maybe once per week) and keep it in a spot where it gets lots and lots of light. Beyond that, I don’t do very much to keep it alive so maybe that’s the trick?

succulent_target_stand_plant-8That’s the same strategy I’m hoping to use on this succulent garden. Right now it’s on the entryway shelf, but I may move it to the kitchen so it can sit right by the window. And let’s be honest, if it’s sitting right next to the sink under the window — chances of me forgetting to water it are significantly decreased.
succulent_target_stand_plant-6Seems like a win-win to me?! I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress, hopefully I’ll only have good news to report. In the meantime, you HAVE to go to Target and check out the amazing decor soon, I promise you won’t regret it (well unless you’re on a strict budget, then you may totally regret every second of it and hate me for sending you to temptation island). But if you do plan on going and you’re not currently on a budget, wait until after tomorrow’s post to go (hint, hint Target did it again).succulent_target_stand_plantI mean, is it just me or is it almost impossible to walk out of there empty-handed?! ย  ย Bridget Signature

  • So cute! I’m obsessed with succulents right now and can’t wait to decorate my house with tons of them ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the planter too!

    • Us too!! We’re hoping to keep these alive so we can have them around for a long time!

  • Summer Hogan

    These are adorable! Great vid!!

    • Thanks Summer! Trying to do more video around here ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shawnna griffin

    Hey Bridget this is so cool! Love it!

  • Ice Cream and Tequilla

    Cute! I love Target and I always buy more than my list.
    The website also shows a white and gold combo.

  • Patricia Carlson

    I bought that hedgehog planter too! Haven’t planted anything in it yet as I don’t have a safe spot away from my cats at this time, but I can’t wait to get something green in there!

  • Austin Schneider

    Man, I love that! The main complaint I have about my apartment is that there are only windows on one side of the building (which, now that I think about it, might be most apartments), which makes it really hard to find spots that get a lot of good sunlight. AKA faux succulents for the win! Ha. But I’m pretty in love with that planter and gaze at it longingly every time I walk by it.

    • haha that’s too funny Austin! Faux succulents would look good in this too and guests would be none the wiser ๐Ÿ™‚

  • T. Naomi McBurney

    Have you considered snake plants? I’ve had the same issue of plants dying. The snake plants have done really well. They are good house plants for air quality and also low maintenance (water once a week and low light is fine).