Have you been to Target lately?!

COFFEE TALK: If you are currently on a spending freeze, we highly recommend you skip today’s post because it is full of temptation. And not just any temptation, the worst kind of temptation… we call that TARGET temptation. I mean, has anyone walked out of Target empty-handed lately?! If you have, we swear you deserve some kind of award because that is no easy task.

The succulents are great coffee table decor. It’s no secret that we both love Target (who doesn’t, right?). But when we saw how popular our Target posts were on our Instragram, we thought it’s about time we bring some of that Target love here to the blog as well. Getting together to chat about all things Target… why didn’t we think of this sooner?!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the first edition (of hopefully more!… you let us know what you think as we test the waters) of our Target favorites.

This style board showcases all the awesome stuff Target has to offer. If our keyboard had emojis, we’d type in a long stretch of clapping hands and heart eyes here. #ohtarget

This wood nightstand pairs well with the gold mirror.

Image via Target.com

Brass Oversized Mirror: B has actually been on the look-out for an oversized round mirror for her bathroom and this one totally caught our eye. Unfortunately this new mirror at Target was a tad small for her bathroom space, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find a home for it somewhere else in B’s house. That thin brass border? The $49 price tag? The versatility? What’s not to love, right?! <— (details on where in B’s house this mirror is currently hanging next week on the blog…. any guesses?) 

This colorful rug adds to the living room space and compliments the fireplace. Image via the amazing Inspired by Charm <– please pin from original source and while you’re there, enjoy (!!) because IBC is full of absolutely amazing eye candy.  

Brass Vase:  We pretty much love everything Michael at Inspired by Charm does, and his Spring Home Tour was no exception. He has a few Target finds that we loved in his space, but the gold vase on his mantle was at the top of our wishlist. We loved that he incorporated long branches into this gold, geometric vase to create a real focal point above the fireplace, without spending a ton of money. Genius!!

These decorated shelves look great with books, candle holders, plants and more.

Image via Target.com

Ceramic White Box with “spikes”: You guys know we’re always on the look-out for pineapple decor and when we spotted this white ceramic box with “spikes”, it reminded us of a modern, edgy pineapple piece. Are we crazy?! Of course we are, but we are totally digging this versatile shelf accessory from the Nate Berkus line.

This industrial coffee table pairs well with the modern throw pillows.

Image via Target.com

White Top Coffee TableEnd Table:  If you’re looking for some new furniture, these just might be some excellent additions to your home. We love the white & gold combo!

Pineapple Candle: More pineapples, this time in the form of a beautifully scented candle that comes in three different colors! Did you guys know that a pineapple is a symbol of hospitality? We love the idea of gifting something like this (or any pineapple really) for a new homeowner gift.

Sweet Ring Holder: Okay, we promise that’s the end of our pineapple rant… for today. But how could we not include this dainty pineapple jewelry holder? #howsweet <— see what we did there?

Two toned cutting boardThis cutting board and wooden utensils make great kitchen accessories. : LOVE this cutting board as a functional piece in the kitchen that can easily be left out to double as kitchen decor. The white outline is the perfect touch to dress it up a bit.

Striped Swing TankBridget poses in front of the Chicago skyline. : Okay, let’s chat about this tank. B’s little sister introduced it to Bridget, who then introduced it to Casey, and we swear now we want to let everyone in on this $14 summer staple. All three of us have different body types, all three of us feel like this tank is flattering yet, still stylish. Both of us have the black and white striped option, but there are other colors to choose from too.

Casey wore hers with shorts (on vacay), Bridget has worn hers with jeans and a vest, even a blazer… the possibilities are endless but we definitely recommend adding this to your summer wardrobe. Totally worth the $14 investment. (Sidenote: that vest B’s wearing above — recent Target find too. LOVEEE it, sometimes even paired with the striped tank!)

RugThis gallery wall adds color to the room and looks great against the navy paint. : If you haven’t noticed by now, we love these neutral shag rugs (like the one in Casey’s new guest room). When we saw this option at Target, we were equally as smitten.

Chair: Have you guys seen the mid-century modern inspired furniture at Target. If you know anything about MCM furniture, you know that these vintage pieces often come with a pretty hefty price tag. And as much as we understand that Target’s MCM-inspired furniture is not the “real thing”, we love the option to get this super trendy furniture look for less.

Two-Toned Basket: We recently bought this two-toned basket for the nursery and love it. It could match any space. <– love items you can move around the house for just about any function!

Oh Joy! Art: If we had a gender specific nursery (aka if Katie knew for sure she was expecting a girl), we’d be all over Oh Joy’s baby line right now! Did you see the gold animals wearing birthday hats? I mean, boy or girl …. those are pretty sticking adorable (and hilarious).

Affordable AntlersThis gallery wall above the television adds to the decor. : Antlers are sometimes a fun way to add depth to a gallery wall (or wall in general), but sometimes they’re hard to find… especially for an affordable price. When we saw these white antlers with a touch of feminine (for such a great cost), we definitely wanted to spread the word!

Lumbar Pillow: Target’s pillow section…. need we say more?! Kinda pricey for our liking but we still love to look… and snatch a few when they go on sale. We have our eye on this lumbar pillow at the moment.

But now, you tell US. What are you in LOVE with right now at Target?!Bridget and Casey Signature