How to Seal Granite Countertops

As girls who don’t spend much time cooking in the kitchen (besides when making bowls of cereal or toast for dinners), we often neglect to keep our kitchen essentials looking good. Knives get dull, wood cutting boards don’t get oiled, and stone countertops remain unsealed. While we won’t ever be the chefs in our households (our husbands proudly hold those titles!), we do want to do our part to keep the kitchen space running smoothly and functioning well.

sealed-kitchen-countersSo that’s when we both decided we needed to figure out how the heck to seal our countertops. We both have granite counters (Bridget’s are lighter stone, mine are black granite) and neither one of us has ever sealed them.

09-countertop-kitchen-oranges-subway-tileIt wasn’t until I sealed countertops on the TV show I produce that I realized how dang easy it is to do just that. I suppose I always thought it was really difficult and time-consuming, and therefore it wasn’t a project for me.

cleaning-counters-wipingBoy was I wrong.

In fact, it just might be one of the easiest maintenance projects I’ve tackled in our home. Seriously. Here’s the technique you need to get down….spray, wipe, buff. Yep. That’s about it.

suppliesCrazy, right?! We recently did a step-by-step tutorial of this simple project over on the Zillow blog.

water-poolingAnd we also answer the question…how do you know when it’s time to seal your countertops?

kitchen-sealed-graniteIf you’ve never sealed yours, or your counters are prone to staining, then you’ll definitely want to give this post a read.

finn-kitchen-cookingSo we’ll officially add “seal kitchen counters” to our activity list in the kitchen space. It’s waaaaaay above “cook dinner.” #sorryboys









  • Erin

    i’ve lived in my condo for what, 8 years, and never once sealed the granite counter tops. I think they look fine to me. besides the fact that they’re literally my last choice for granite counter tops. they do get a daily wipe down though.

  • shawnna griffin

    hey Casey great idea!