Dining Room Chair Options

How is everyone doing after that long holiday weekend? Always hard to come back to work after vacay, isn’t it?! We had a wonderful weekend in Lake Geneva for a friend’s wedding. It was a gorgeous day & we had a blast dancing the night away.

But now it’s time to get back at it, and today we’re diving right into the dining room chair options for our home. Last we chatted, I had FINALLY committed to buying a dining room table for our home and we looked at a few contenders for the space. Thanks for all of your input on our choices. Here’s the one I ended up going with…marble-dining-table 2

the marble one from Crate & Barrel. I secretly really wanted marble so we could brighten up the space a bit, and the sleek black legs really do go with anything. Plus, the table doesn’t remind Finn of TARS (if you’re looking for some background on that odd request, you’ll have to check out this post.) I’m so excited about this purchase and cannot wait to bring the entire look together!

marble-tableI know marble can be a tad high-maintenance, but I bought a great marble sealer and I’ll be doing a full tutorial on that real soon. There’s no way I’m letting my new gorgeous table get stained or watermarked!

dining-room-tableSo with the table purchased, it’s time to think about the dining room chairs.

Dining Room Chair Must-Haves

  • Do not want all matching
  • Need seating for 6
  • Perhaps 4 matching & 2 matching? Or 4 matching chairs & a bench?
  • If we do upholstery, I prefer a gray to match the marbling in the table
  • Don’t want all upholstery (because that can get real pricey…real quick!)
  • Probably avoid wood since our kitchen & floors are very dark and heavy

Finn did request that the seats be comfortable and they must feel like they have “holding power.” I suppose just well-constructed seats that don’t look too cheap or flimsy would do the trick for him.

marble-dining-room-tableAfter looking at tons of options online and visiting a few local stores to do the “butt test” (basically just sitting and bouncing around…), I think I’ve narrowed down the contenders.

modern_dining_room_chairs.52 PM

1. West Elm Bench // 2. White CB2 Chair // 3. Black Wishbone Chair// 4.West Elm Gray Upholstered // 5. West Elm Gray & Black // 6.  White Bistro Chair // 7. White Overstock Chair // 8. Target Bench

I’m realllllly liking the gray upholstered chairs from West Elm (#5), but they’re pretty darn pricey. I’m guessing if I go with those, maybe I’ll only get 2 and then choose 4 other chairs to keep costs down? Some of the white ones might look good to brighten up the space, plus they’re budget-friendly. I do like the idea of a bench, but not sure if it will be annoying pulling it in and out? Guys, can you tell I’m bad at these decisions? I go back & forth, back & forth…the madness needs to end!

augusta-kitchen-dining-room-tableAll I know is that I don’t want my pretty new table to be solo for too long, so it’s time to make a decision and stick with it! Next time we chat about the dining room situation, I’ll have my chairs picked out and it will be time to talk about new bar stools (those brown ones have got to go!). The decor decisions don’t seem to end #sendhelp



  • Nadine

    No bench just so annoying….I like the grey as well paired with #2.

    • Yeah I could see how that could get a bit frustrating pulling it out all the time!

  • Ana Da Silva Simoes

    We also looking into buying Chairs and boy is it hard to decide. I do know that I want the end chairs to have arms (makes it all a little more “dining-then-kitchen” in my opinion) love #5 and I ❤️ The saddle dining chairs from West Elm.

    Good Luck love the table choice ??

    • Sooooo hard! And love the idea for arms to fancy things up 🙂

  • shawnna griffin

    hey Casey Love the table! those chairs look so cool! I like #1,8,2 or 7!

  • Erin

    i would do number 2 as opposed to number 7. because if it’s a high back, it’s gonna look weird because you already have such an open space. and number 7 would mess with the flow.

    I don’t think the benches you chose would go too well. with the table. but it’s great in general because it would seat 3 instead of 2!

    but if you want some upholstered, then get 2 of the number 5. and go with number 2 for the rest of the chairs.

    • Thanks for your advice Erin! This is helpful!

  • Anne

    I also find benches annoying !

    • haha who knew benches got such a bad rep!? 🙂

  • Kate LaCorte

    Try a West Elm outlet! They are always running amazing sales. Our huge (9×12) living room rug was originally $830, we pick it up for less than $300. http://www.westelm.com/products/faded-ikat-rug-t524/?pkey=cwool-rugs&cm_src=wool-rugs%7C%7CNoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-

    Restoration Hardware also has great outlet sales. Our dining chair are from there and we paid $55 each instead of $132. (https://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod6290011&categoryId=cat1860003)

    Both were still in store, they were either returns or over stocks that ended up in the outlet. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness…a West Elm and Restoration Hardware Outlet sound amazing! I’m not sure if there are any near the Chicagoland area? Have you been to any in the midwest?

    • Kate LaCorte

      I live in the mid-Atlantic but it looks like there is a RH outlet in Milwaukee. Not sure about West Elm, but I know a lot of Pottery Barn outlets also carry West Elm items.

    • Oh awesome! Good to know. Thanks Kate!

  • Kristen

    We have number 4 in leather for an office chair, its really comfortable! For a hot second, we considered them for dining chairs, but theres a lot of points of contact with the floor, and I see it easily scratching the floor. I like to put the leg pad things on the bottom of my furniture to protect the wood floor and there doesnt seem to be a great place to put it on these chairs without seeing them.

    I do like 5, and we strongly considered them. We ended up getting these chairs, but in the dark gray (that doesn’t seem to be available online :-/) http://www.westelm.com/products/porter-upholstered-dining-chairs-g262/?pkey=cdining-chairs&group=1&sku=8550829

    If you do get west elm chairs, wait for a sale! Or have a coupon code, never pay full price at west elm!

    • I didn’t even think about that!!! You’re so right, and we are crazy people when it comes to our floors (so many of those felt pads on absolutely everything we own!) So I’m so happy you told me that!

  • Abbie DeLaney Zinkan

    I’d go with 2 or 7. Another poster mentioned that 7 was very high backed and may mess with the flow of your open space. I can certainly see that, and I think 2 would remedy that, but I personally like high back chair. If Finn is concerned about “sturdy” then high back seems sturdier to me. Good luck and I’m so glad you went with that table (we love ours) AND got the sealer, you’ll be so thankful you did.

    • Yeah I really do like #7…especially with that price tag! Thanks so much for your advice Abbie!