New Bathroom Lighting + Bold Paint = Heart Eyes

  • Add new mirror to replace the old builder basic one — CHECK
  • DIY shiplap to brighten the space — CHECK
  • Find an affordable, more stylish vanity light (all options here) — CHECK
  • Replace the shower head for something more powerful — CHECK
  • Test out 50 shades of grey to find the perfect grey paint color — CHECK
  • Decide on a color and paint — CHECK
  • Hire an electrician to install the vanity light and change the outlets to white — CHECK

We are making some serious progress in this tiny bathroom and I’m so excited to share the latest updates! It’s only taken me half the summer, but I swear this space is almost done.

Last time we chatted, I just installed my new shower head and was still deciding on a new vanity light and the perfect grey/greige for this space.

diy_white_shiplap_tutorial-4After testing what felt like 50 shades of grey/greige… I think I finally found the perfect shade for this space. I stepped way outside my light/bright paint comfort zone and went with a “darkish” grey.shiplap_bathroom_progress-25

I went dark because I wanted the white shiplap to really POP next to the paint. And after testing out a lot of different samples, I finally thought, “WHY NOT?!”. Why not try something new and totally outside of my norm for this tiny space?! I could easily re-paint it if I hated it. AND, if I hated it I learned the super valuable lesson that dark paint isn’t for me, which would have been worth the investment of giving it a try once and for all.

But surprisingly enough (so far at least), I learned that a splash of dark, moody paint is a lot more me than I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I still love light and bright and will probably continue to paint everything else in my house light and bright, but a hint of bold is a fun change.

shiplap_bathroom_progress-21The paint color is Behr’s “Creek Bend”. When I asked for grey/greige suggestions on our social media, I was overwhelmed with the suggestions and SO thankful for the ideas. I literally looked into each and every one! I was exposed to such a variety of great color suggestions that I think I’m going to put together a separate post for all of us to find these suggestions all in one place. Stay tuned for that if you’re in the game for popular/highly recommended grey and/or greige paint colors.shiplap_bathroom_progress-29

In the meantime, let’s chat about that new vanity light. When I put together that vanity light round-up a few weeks ago, I realized that stylish vanity lights were 1. hard to come by and 2. EXPENSIVE. I didn’t want to break the bank on an expensive bathroom fixture since this tiny space isn’t my “dream bathroom”. Maybe one day I’ll splurge on a more expensive fixture, but for now, an affordable and stylish one was all I was looking to buy.

shiplap_bathroom_progress-4I chose this one from Lowe’s because it was “airy”, stylish and only $79 <—- which happened to be the cheapest fixture I found.

shiplap_bathroom_progress-13It’s almost impossible to tell via photos, but the light that this glass fixture gives off in the bathroom at night is 100x brighter!! I LOVE that. Plus I feel like the glass in the fixture attracts less attention than the white sconces did, another aspect I really appreciate about this look.

All together I think this tiny space is really taking shape! I’m digging the transformation and I am pleasantly surprised that this mini bathroom makeover has taught me far more about my style than I ever anticipated.

Beyond the obvious of learning how to DIY shiplap all by myself, this bathroom “makeover” forced me to make the most of what I have and inject my own style everywhere I can. I was never a huge fan of this bathroom and it’s crazy to me that a few simple updates have made me find a whole new appreciation for this space!

shiplap_bathroom_progress-23Instead of focusing on how much I hate the dark brown vanity and beige tile/counters, I’m focusing on the parts of this bathroom that I now LOVE and the parts that are far more “me”.

I can’t wait to continue to inject my own, evolving style into other areas of my house that I’m not currently obsessed with. But before that, a few more items on this room’s to-do list before I can officially move on.shiplap_bathroom_progress-28

  • Find/hang new art above the toilet
  • Find a new bathroom rug that isn’t super bathroom-y
  • Accessorize … add a few things that are functional and pretty. (i.e. Hide the toilet paper in something different)

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  • Ryan Malone

    Looks great! But girl, installing lighting and outlets is one of the EASIEST DIYs you can do. No need to hire an electrician to do stuff like that. I have changed every fixture, outlet and switch in my home myself…I’ve even installed ceiling fans! Some fixtures are easier than others and dealing with holding the fixture up while you wire it is always the most difficult part (I’m a single gal, so sometimes I have to get creative, but with two people it’s much easier). The wiring itself takes 30 seconds. Consider it!

    • Trang

      Agreed. Super simple to do small electrical changes in the home! You can do it Bridget!

    • Haha you SOLD me Trang!! Thank you for pushing my outside of my comfort zone… I have to at least try!

    • Wow… I am seriously impressed! I’m sending you a virtual high-five girl because you are amazing!! #GIRLPOWER

      Thanks for the encouragement with the electrical. Electrical kinda scares me but if you think I can do it, I’m going to at least try!! My next electrical project (I have a light switch that needs to be changed to white for my next project), I’m going to try and DIY it. I’ll keep you updated but thank YOU. And more importantly, keep up the amazing work! You’re such an inspiration!

  • Suzy Ray

    LOVE the new color! The new light fixture looks great too. Great job!

  • This looks SO good! I love the paint you chose, and it matches the vanity really well! I also love the light looks more expensive than $79! Love that 🙂

    • Thanks Gretchen! I agree…. looking good & not breaking the bank, this fixture totally stole my heart!

  • Erin

    man every single choice you’re making is bang on! and i love the light! i might have to get that for our bathrooms! I do think installing the light would be fairly simple. heck, we did our dining room light and that was a hassle, so i think bathroom light would be much easier!

    • Erin — you are way too sweet, thank YOU!!

      And you’re not the first person to tell meI could DIY the electrical. Electrical kinda freaks me out but your feedback has me totally motivated to at least TRY an electrical project. Thank YOU so much!!!

  • Summer Hogan

    Looks great lady! Love it!

  • Thanks Erin! No I haven’t but the fact that I can throw it in the washer/dryer has me excited to go check them out. Thanks for the rec!!!

  • Ashley Sorrick

    It looks amazing!! Love the dark color against the shiplap!

  • It looks great–that light fixture was the perfect choice!
    XO, Jaclyn

  • Courtney

    Nice work on the paint and light fixture selections! To me, choosing is the hardest part! As for a non-bathroomy looking rug, I recently saw a rug at the #nsale that might go well in this space. Its on the darker side, but it ties in the wall color and countertop. I’m no design expert but maybe you’ll like. And its only $25

    • Thanks Courtney!! And OMG thanks for the heads up on the rug… adorable!! =) I love the mix of colors, textures and pattens and especially love that it’s not “bathroom-y” or expensive! Great find. =)

  • I love the new, bold color choices y’all have been making lately! And those bathroom sconces… oh man. I love those!

  • shawnna griffin

    Hey girl the bathroom looks so cool! Love it!

  • So pretty, Bridget! I love the gray, the shiplap, the lights… basically I love all of it. Next business venture: Room in a box by Bridget & Casey.

    • Hahahaha you crack us up! Thanks Elise. We MAY have a secret makeover for a deserving reader up our sleeves over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details =)

    • oooohhhh… I am excited!

  • Kristen Ayotte

    The bathroom looks awesome! It’s been so fun to follow along! 🙂

    • Aw, you’re so sweet!! Thanks Kristen! I’ve loved all of the input and suggestions here on the blog and on social media. Makes the whole process more fun for me too!

  • Carrie Lyst

    Very nice! Was the faucet and mirror from lowes? I love both and am redoing my bathroom. Thank you!

    • Thanks Carrie! The faucet came with the house so I’m not sure where it’s from. The mirror was a splurge from West Elm, direct link here —>

      Good luck with your bathroom remodel, how exciting!!