The DIY Playbook Style Series – Lip Colors

5 years ago, you probably never would have spotted either of us wearing lipstick. Maybe it’s just us, but we feel like bold lip colors are a new beauty trend and back in our day it was all about lip gloss. Our makeup bags were filled with sparkly glosses, scented glosses, and pink colors of every kind.

oxblood-burberry-lipstickWe are so happy that lipstick is now “in”, because getting your hair caught in lip gloss is probably the worst thing ever. #notcute


We love how lipstick can instantly make you feel put together and makes you seem just so much more awake. Swiping on a coat of color is now a part of our everyday routines, and we figured we’d share some of the hues we’re crushing on this season.

Today’s Style Staple: Fall Lipstick


Casey: I’m not gonna lie, I’ve typically purchased all of my lipsticks from the drugstore for about $2. Often the color isn’t right, it doesn’t glide on effortlessly, and I’m re-applying every 30 minutes. I recently decided to find a lip color that I love for every season (so 4 lip colors that I adore and that go with my skin tone). In the summer I chose a bright pink hue that I loved wearing out on the weekends. And I most recently found a pretty berry color that I’ve been swiping on non-stop. burberry-lipstick

It’s called “Oxblood” by Burberry. And I know what you’re thinking…who the heck buys designer lipstick? I’m with ya! But the color is just so pretty, and after years of buying the cheap stuff I can now see why some people splurge on nice beauty products. I hit up Sephora and tried on a few colors of a variety of brands, and this one ended up being the winner. casey-mirror-lipstick

It’s the perfect fall color…not too red, not too orange…and I absolutely adore it. laura-mercier-lip-pencil

I’ve found that I get the best results if I also use a lip liner. I typically moisturize my lips, outline them with the pencil, fill them in with the pencil, and then swipe on a coat of lipstick. The color lasts and lasts all day if I follow this routine.


I’m planning to find the perfect red lip for the holidays, but until then this is my absolute favorite maroon color.

Here are some other colors that we are loving this season.

Favorite Fall Lip Colorslipstick-color-favorites-moodboard-26-pm

1. Nars Lip Pencil in “Cruella” // 2. Laura Mercier Lip Pencil “Deep Wine” // 3. Bobbi Brown “Blackberry” // 4. Mac “Antique Velvet” // 5. Burberry “Oxblood”

Are there any other lip products that you guys absolutely LOVE and would highly recommend?! We’d love to give them a try… maybe even add them to our Christmas wish lists. 😉 


  • Trang

    I’ve always loved lipsticks. As a young teenager, that was my go to to feel ‘fancy’. It’s one of two makeup items (the other is mascara) that I allow my 14 yr old daughter to wear because it’s an instant ‘pick me up’ and makes you look put together as you said. I also used to just get the cheaper drugstore lipsticks and lip glosses. Mostly because that was what I could afford. However, as I ‘adulted”, I learned that having tons of lipsticks that aren’t great and don’t last aren’t worth it. Having better quality and longer lasting lipsticks in 1-2 shades you love is a better way to go. I like your list of brands in this post (especially MAC), but I also love, love, love Kat Von D lipsticks. The case is so fancy and they are relatively affordable at around $20 each.

    • We’re always looking to try new products that others swear by and are definitely going to look into Kat Von D! And $20 for good lipstick, love that! Thank YOU, Trang

  • Whitney Regeth

    I love Lancome “Rouge in Love”. It moisturizes and the color lasts all day. I love that it can instantly make you feel put together.

    • Thanks for sharing!! Lasting all day is a solid selling point for us!!

  • I am a lip gloss junkie! I keep about 3 or 4 in my purse at all times. I have been trying to get into lipstick. Love the colors. My problem is the application. I need a good tutorial on the lipstick application process. I agree lip liner is the way to go. I think it makes your lips a little fuller so it makes the lipstick color look that much better. The lip liner is what I am missing. I have a really pretty red NARS lipstick that I bought for a Halloween costume. I splurged on the lipstick and glad I did. It was Halloween but I got a lot of compliments. But I admit I definitely need a lip liner with it. I will report back with the color. Don’t know it off hand, sorry.

    • Agreed. It can be so hard to apply! I find that doing the lip liner around my lips, then filling it in with the lip liner, and finally applying the lipstick is my best way to go. Would love to know the NARS color!