8 Step Game Plan for your next Football Party

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We must admit, we’re not the sportiest gals around. On Sundays, we’re often blogging away, while our husbands are glued to the TV watching the NFL all.day.long. But we always love an excuse to entertain, especially when that party involves a fun theme and plenty of DIY projects. Not to mention, we always like a shindig that earns us extra wife points!

nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-snacks-cheseSo when NFL Homegating asked us to create a game plan for the ultimate watch party, we immediately said “yes” and started brainstorming how to take a party like this to the next level! We believe our tips can translate for your favorite NFL team (although the Chicago Bears season hasn’t been the best…we’ll still always heart them!), so you can completely customize your football party with your team’s colors!

We also really like the idea of throwing a tailgate inspired party at home…aka “NFL Homegating.” And with those winter temps officially here, we’re happy to avoid tailgating in the freezing cold. Instead this is a way to celebrate game day from the comfort of your own home. Now that’s something these 2 rookies can get behind!

8 Step Game Plan for the Ultimate Football Party

nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-full-party1. Choose a low maintenance menunfl_chicago_bears-chili-mug

It’s no secret that we’re not the best cooks around, but there are a few dishes we actually have in our repertoire. Chili being one of them! As long as we have a recipe to follow, we can usually make a pretty tasty chili.


Chili is an amazing food to serve at parties because you can make it ahead of time and then just throw it in the crockpot to keep it warm. We decided to create a little chili bar area so you could build your own bowl! nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-chili

We included fun toppings like tortilla chips, avocado, cheese, and green onions to really fancy things up! We also ordered these Bears soup bowls from NFL Homegating (sadly they’re sold out on NFLshop.com, but you can pick some up at Bed, Bath, & Beyond) and they’re huge! Such a cute little container for a hearty cup of chili.

2. Incorporate your team’s colorsnfl_chicago_bears_homegating-bears-tv

When you’re celebrating your team, it’s easy to figure out the party colors. In our case we used blue & orange throughout.

We each donned some Bears gear, and then picked up some navy tassels and orange/blue balloons. nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-garland


All it takes is a few touches of these colors to really bring the entire look together.

3. DIY an inexpensive runner (helps with the mess!)


When it came to the table, we wanted to keep it simple so the fun snacks could really shine. So we took some craft paper and made a super simple runner. To make it a bit sporty, we used a sharpie to draw plays right onto the paper. Seriously, so easy yet looks adorable.

Plus, the runner kept my marble table a lot cleaner from all of the snacks & dips. nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-appetizersnfl_chicago_bears_homegating-snacks-chese

4. Add Height to the Table nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-full-party

Whenever we’re creating a tablescape, we always try to use varying heights on the table to create interest. It’s just like decorating any space. You need to layer items in and create a variety of levels.

nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-appetizersnfl_chicago_bears_homegating-bridget-appetizersWe put this football shaped cutting board on a white bowl to give it a boost in height. And we also added some flowers onto the table for some freshness and to add in a taller object.

5. Pick out a few pieces of merchandise that make a big statement (#wifepoints)


The NFL Homegating collection contains some really cool pieces. We especially loved these jersey salt & pepper shakers. I mean can you even? They’re hilarious. chili-mugs-bearsThis appetizer tray, the chili bowls, and this cheese board really took the party atmosphere to the next level too. And we’ll have all of these items for years, so we can whip them out for every NFL football & Super Bowl party <– let’s hope the Bears someday make it to the Super Bowl again…

And you can’t forget glassware! Mr. Finn was especially excited that we picked up some Bears pint glasses. A cold beer just tastes better out of a nice glass, doesn’t it?! We definitely earned some wife points with these items (and these all might make for some good holiday gifts if you’re buying for your dad/brother/husband!).

6. Throw away silverware for the win!


Another party tip? Don’t use “real” silverware. Instead purchase some plastic silverware in your team’s colors. Way easier when it comes time to clean-up. nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-chili-mug

7. Don’t forget the washi tape nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-black-white-washi

A few more thoughtful touches helped take everyday items to the next level. Black & white striped tape wrapped around plastic bottle water makes little H2O referees.

And navy washi tape on orange cups creates football laces, and it really made our silverware display that much better.


Putting a little extra effort into every aspect of the party really brings things to another level. And all of these tiny tweaks are super affordable and only take a bit of time #worthit

8. Use what you already have

nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-bear-down-chicagoAs with most everything we do in our homes, we always use what we already have. There’s no use buying tons of new items when you can shop your home for stuff. Our lightbox sign came into use to jazz up our chili bar. nfl_chicago_bears_homegating-barcart

And a few festive additions on the bar cart made it party ready!

So what do you say? Are you ready to throw your own NFL Homegating party? With some items from NFL Homegating, a few small DIY’s, and a couple of thoughtful touches your party is guaranteed to be a big WIN!


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    I love this!! The table runner is so adorable yet simple! Great job (: