Laundry Room Upgrades

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I’ve made some big progress on our “laundry room” to-do list! If you guys remember this post, then you know we’ve been meaning to make some upgrades to our small closet that holds our washer & dryer.

Let me give you a little refresher on how the space used to look…before-laundry-closet-stackable

Luckily, we quickly crossed the first item off our list and got rid of our old appliances. maytag-direct-drive-laundry-soapWe replaced them with this new washer & dryer from Maytag that look so much better, but (more importantly) function much better!

maytag-laundry-basket-washerNow that we’ve been using the washer & dryer for the past few months, I love them even more. The units are so much larger than our old ones, and I can get our laundry done so quickly. casey-laundry-bedroomI used to have to do multiple loads of towels and bedding. Now I can throw them in and get them done in no time at all. The drums are big and hold so much all at once.

washer-sheets-maytagThe Fresh Hold option (where the washer tumbles loads and circulates air with a built-in fan) has been a lifesaver too! casey-maytag-laundrySometimes when I’m multi-tasking during the week, I throw in a load of laundry and then get wrapped up in other tasks and forget about it. Since the machine keeps my clothing fresh for up to 12 hours even after the wash cycle ends, I no longer feel like I need to re-wash when I inevitably forget I was in the middle of doing laundry. <— Please tell me I’m not alone in this?! I feel like it happens just about every single time #laundryfail

maytag-laundry-washerWhile the new appliances made a big difference in the look of the space,  there was still work to be done.

From the start of this mini makeover, I knew I wanted to replace the doors. The louvered doors just weren’t cutting it and really took the entire look of the space down a notch. After seeing the dramatic transformation on the closet doors in our fall makeover, I knew that I wanted to do the same in this space.

And instead of just doing the laundry room doors, I decided to do all of the closet doors in this open space. Because as long as you’re getting all of the tools out, you might as well get ‘er all done at once!

Here’s how they looked before the DIY began…doors-before-laundry

And here they are now!diy-doors-laundry-hvac

I’ll have the full tutorial on this DIY project tomorrow on the blog, but I couldn’t help but share the dramatic difference!dryer-washerkitchen-dining-laundry

So much better, right?! It took the look of the entire main room up to the next level and I’m so happy I finally got this project off my to-do list.


Speaking of that laundry room to-do list…

Laundry Room To-Do List

  • New Washer & Dryer (You can read all about them right here)
  • Replace Closet Doors (All done & looking fabulous!)
  • Trim out Door (This is next on the to-do list. I’m planning to add molding around the perimeter of all of these doors. It’s going to be quite a DIY project as I’ll have to remove the baseboards and replace them)
  • Organize & Add Storage

maytag-washer-dryerLet’s talk about that final task on my list. I’m not really sure what I can do to make this space as functional as possible. My original thought was to put a slim cart on wheels right next to the washer, but now that it’s in there isn’t enough room for one. I also thought I might be able to put a basket on top, but since the dryer is tall it’s hard to fit one up there. Any ideas for me? I’m all ears!



  • Hillary W.

    We have a similar size laundry “room” with stacked machines that I love so much (it got the machines out of our basement). Same side space, not big enough for a cart but big enough for SOMETHING. After trial and error we settled on installing a hook high on the wall and hanging a large three basket shower organizer from it to hold laundry soap, bleach tablets and dryer spray (we gave up on sheets once we found Method’s spray version) and a slim trash can on the floor. Good luck!

    • I would have never thought of a shower organizer…that is seriously genius Hillary! Love that idea.

    • Hillary W.

      I agree! We settled on the Umbra Bask Shower Caddy if it helps your search.

    • Jaclyn

      That is so smart! I have a similar set up. I store my drying rack in the space right next to the washer and dryer and I am lucky to have a linen closet right across from the washing machine closet where I store my detergent etc. But I wonder if I can fit both my drying rack & a shower caddy…

    • Definitely worth a shot Jaclyn!

  • Such a big change!!! Even though it’s super tiny, I’m kinda jealous of a laundry room! Ours are in the unfinished basement and I climb a lot of stairs on laundry day! Also, no where this nice looking!

    • Thanks Diana! Although you must get lots of exercise doing those stairs! Working on those legs while doing laundry #winwin

    • That’s the optimistic outlook on it!

  • Brie

    Are the sides of the washer/dryer magnetic? If so, perhaps you could find magnetic holders (e.g. like this pencil holder, but bigger: to corral smaller items like dryer sheets, gathered lint, items left in pockets, etc. Otherwise, I’d probably just shove my ironing board in that narrow spot and consider DIYing a magnetic sheet for the front of one of the machines with laundry symbol shortcuts (e.g.

    • Oh my goodness…our readers are so smart! That is genius Brie. I never ever would have thought of that. I’m gonna have to test it out this weekend. Thank you for the idea!