New Bedroom Light Fixture

I wish I was writing this post about 6 months ago because that would have meant that I didn’t drag my feet on this decision for the past 6+ months and I finally made progress! But instead, I’m sharing my new bedroom light fixture today because I have hmm-ed & haw-ed for the past few months. I really just could not decide (and was probably just over thinking it the entire time) but I’m finally here to share some progress.

Deciding on a New Light

If you guys remember from last year when I gave our room a mini “refresh”, I was really happy with the changes. But honestly I was not loving how our nautical-inspired light fixture fit into the new design. Not only was the silver finish all wrong for our now gold-infused room, but the nautical vibes were not working with the new modern look.bedroom_flush_mount_lightfixture-2

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this fixture… it’s just not right for the space anymore. And guess the best part of this story?! I was able to replace this light fixture ALL. BY. MYSELF.

Installing a New Light Fixture

You guys inspired me to swap out a light switch and outlet last year, when you insisted that it wasn’t truly that scary. I took the necessary precautions and changed my first light switch with your encouragement. This ultimately gave me the confidence to tackle this larger electrical project in my bedroom. And guess what?! It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it was!

I’m sharing a detailed tutorial over on Zillow’s blog today. If you’re looking to change a light fixture and don’t have a lot of experience, definitely check out that step by step tutorial. As long as you take the necessary safety steps (I talk all about them in the post), I promise you can do this!bedroom_flush_mount_lightfixture-2

What Took so Long?!Room-4

You’re probably wondering why the heck it took me so long to decide on this new fixture (especially since I went with the most plain flush mount around!) and honestly I couldn’t agree more.

I looked at a LOT of light fixtures over the past few months, and as much as I wanted to try something a bit more “fun” or outside of my comfort zone, I ended up going plain and subtle. The fixture from CB2 was incredibly inexpensive (less than $75!), and was the perfect size for this small space.

I want our room to feel calm and soothing, and exotic light fixtures (although very gorgeous) felt a little too busy for our bedroom. One day I’ll go bold with a light fixture, but probably not in our bedroom.

Other Updatesbedroom-navyheadboard-roundmirror-pillows

I also added these buffalo check pillows into the room to make it a little more traditional-meets-modern, and I’m loving the new touch. I bought the pillow covers at IKEA and put them onto the pillows that were always there. This was a super simple touch but one that makes me love our bedroom just a tad more. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect lumbar pillow… probably one that’s just a bit longer than this one.

Six months later than I thought, I’m glad to FINALLY be checking this mini project off our to-do list. I love our new light because it’s simple and actually lights up the room a lot more since it’s not a pendant narrowing in on one specific spot. And more importantly, I love that I made a decision and am happy with the results. Hopefully this momentum will give me the motivation I need to get a few other looming projects off of our to-do list!Room-3



  • Trang

    Girl, I wouldn’t fret over taking 6 months to decide on making a change or doing something. I’ve lived in my house for almost 6 months and STILL haven’t gotten around to doing all the things that need to be done. Half of my back splash still needs to be grouted, base boards still need to be installed, decorative shelves need to be installed in the kitchen, the list goes on and on. Only last weekend did I finally put up blinds in the largest window (facing the street where everyone can see in)! I’ve decided to take 1 task a week and complete it. At this rate, I should be done by the end of the year right? Haha.

    • Haha thanks for the pep-talk Trang, that helps!! I guess I should just be happy it’s checked off the to-do list, right?! I struggle between wanting to get it done (and off the to-do list ASAP) but at the same time I don’t want to rush the process and choose something I don’t love. Such a balancing act! #slowandsteady

    • Kara D


  • Natalie

    Do you know where your nightstand are from? Love those!

    • The nightstands are from World Market… I bought them a few years ago though. I haven’t seen them in-stock for a while, but I haven’t checked recently… maybe you’ll find a similar pair?

  • Kerrie

    Sorry if I’m overlooking this, but where are your nightstands from?

    • The nightstands are from World Market a few years ago. I haven’t seen them in-stock for a while, but I haven’t checked recently!!

  • Liz

    So glad you did this tutorial! I was nervous to change out the fixture in my bathroom but this makes it look easy!

    • Happy to help Liz! You can absolutely tackle a bathroom light! #yougotthis