Finding Your Personal Design Style: Step 1

The Problem

Far too often we chat with readers or receive emails asking for advice on how they can figure out their personal design style. These readers usually report that they know they don’t love what they have in their current space, but aren’t sure what to replace it with because they don’t know their style. And because they’re afraid to make the wrong decision they become frozen in a state of indecision, which leads to them living with decor that they hate! <— we want to change this ASAP!!how-to-find-your-style
We understand these concerns all too well because we have been there! And since we’ve gone through those same experiences (the struggle is real!), we want to start providing you with more information and exercises that you can use to start figuring out what your style really is. This style probably won’t match ours exactly and that’s OKAY because your style should be personal and unique to you.

master-bedroom-black-ceiling-fanBut before we dive into figuring out exactly what you love, we think it’s important to take inventory of what you don’t love in your home and what your style is NOT. Sometimes analyzing the information about what you don’t love in your home is just as important in order to arrive at what you do love.

Homework Assignment

DIY_Curtains_Office_Bedroom-13So figuring out what you don’t love is your first homework assignment (yes, we’re giving you HOMEWORK!!). This will be the first of a few exercises that we’ll provide over the next few months to help coach you through this process of finding your personal style.

Can you tell the teacher in Bridget is coming out right now?! Gotta love a teacher assigning homework even to our blog readers. haha!

bedroom-navyheadboard-roundmirror-pillowsAssignment: Download and print this worksheet. Walk around your entire home and note what you don’t love using the prompts on the worksheet. After walking around your home and noting what you don’t love, why you don’t love these items, and what’s holding you back from changing them, answers the follow-up questions on the worksheet.  Any and all conclusions you can draw from this exercise will be important as we move forward! 

guest-room-1This assignment may seem a bit simple or elementary, but honestly it’s one we did when we were figuring out our own personal design styles and we could not believe how HELPFUL it turned out to be. Sometimes it really takes seeing all of these thoughts written down in one place to find some clarity!

desk-room-officeAfter you have this information and notice some trends, you will have a better sense of what you don’t love. Patterns, colors, or details you hate living with now should be immediately eliminated from your future personal style. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can then provide you with some additional exercises that will then help you figure out what colors, patterns, or general decor details you should replace them with.

Next Steps

built-ins-family-roomBecause next week is The DIY Playbook’s 4th birthday week (yay!!), we will not be checking back with style scoop for two weeks, which means you have plenty of time to get your first homework assignment done! When we do check back, we’ll have more information and another exercise so that you can eventually exit that stage of indecision and enter the glorious stage of decorating with confidence and intention!

The faster you can nail down your personal style, the faster you can start building a home you love and one that is “so you”.


  • Uuumm, this is awesome! This is such a great post and so helpful! I can’t wait to print this out and give it a try! #nerdalert ? Finding out your personal style is so important, both in decor and fashion. I know that I have wasted money on things that aren’t my style. And I hate wasting money! In this world of Pinterest and Instagram we are constantly bombarded with images which can lead to complete overwhelm, and sometimes I find it hard to separate what I like from what fits my style! Thank you for this series!

    • So happy you found this helpful Kerri! It really has helped us both, so we’re hoping others enjoy this exercise too. You’ll have to keep us updated on your homework and let us know how it goes for you.

  • Oh my goodness, you don’t know how excited I got when I saw “worksheet”. I’m smiling like a fool right now. Off to print and fill out!

    • Aww, your sweet comment made our day and now you have us smiling like fools!! Thank you for your sweet words, we hope these exercises help. We’re excited to share a step by step guide and have a lot more worksheets in store. 😉 Stay tuned!!

  • Ashley Swerdlow

    Where oh where did you get that plant holder in your last photo??