Finding the Perfect White Paint Color for the Office

Happy Friday, I hope everyone is having a great week!! Before we sign-off for the weekend, I’m excited to check-in with some office progress. For those of you who are just joining us, you can get caught up on our plans to transition our current guest room into an office here.
guest room

The Plan

Long story short this room used to be our guest room. Because it’s the brightest room in the house and we only use it as a guest room 10 out of the 365 days per year, we decided to transform it into an office that will allow us to get a lot more use out of it. When you live in an 1,100 square foot home, using every square inch wisely is important! neutral_office_inspo-07-pm

You can read more of our plans in this post, but here’s a mood board of what I’m envisioning for this space. I want it to be light, bright, minimalistic yet very hardworking.

Office Floor Plan
Office Floor Plan

Some of you also mentioned that you would really love to see a floor plan of this space to visualize what is where. (Why didn’t I think of that?!) Here’s a rough sketch of the floor plan of this space and the furniture I have planned (tentatively). With the fauxdenza and shelves, I hope to add our own style and lots of secret storage but before we get to all that fun stuff, we needed to choose a paint color and get to work painting this space.white_paint-office-before

White WallsChoosing white paint

The guest room was originally painted with Benjamin Moore’s “Moonshine” when we first moved in. I liked the light grey because it was very versatile but I was never obsessed. This color showed blue undertones at different times of the day. I love blue but I was going for more of a pure grey in this space and I never felt like Moonshine fit that look. Plus, there were LOTS of holes in the walls from hanging shelves and art that used to be in here, so I knew that whether I wanted to change the paint color or not, I would still have to patch and paint.
white_paint-samplesI’m trying to test different looks and figure out if I enjoy living with these looks now so I have a better idea of what I want to incorporate in our forever house. One of the looks that I’m currently loving and want to see if I still love after living with it is white painted walls.

I’ve seen so many gorgeous white spaces recently so I thought this “new” office would be the perfect chance to see if that white paint is as good as I think it is in pictures. But believe it or not, choosing the “perfect” white paint was a lot harder than I anticipated!

Choosing The Perfect White

I looked lots of white paint swatches and narrowed it down to my top 3 choices. I wanted the paint color to be clean and bright but also with a warmish undertone. I really wanted it to feel warm and not super sterile because I was afraid that if the color was too bright white, it would look brighter than the trim and doors in this space. I was concerned that this would then make the doors and trim look old and dirty. #notgood

So I bought a few samples and painted them next to the trim all around the room.

  1. Behr’s Ultra White (TOP)
  2. Behr’s Polar Bear (MIDDLE)
  3. Behr’s Falling Snow (BOTTOM)

I added each color right next to the closet door, but I also painted this same combo next to the window trim, base board, and in the darker corners of the room. I wanted to read the true color in all different parts of the room and at all different times of the day to make sure I was making the best decision I could.

Behr’s Falling Snow

Seeing the paint next to the trim really helped me narrow down the winner — Behr’s Falling Snow. I loved that this color was white and clean but still seemed like it had a bit of a warm undertone (at least in relation to my trim). The Falling Snow was also the winning contender because it didn’t make the trim look dirty.


Painting a Room – Tips & Tricks

You can get a full step-by-step tutorial on how we patched and painted this room here on Zillow’s blog. It was the first time I used bright pink spackle and I LOVED IT. Not only did it seem super crazy to slap on bright pink anything onto our walls, but magically when the spackle was dry the bright pink dried the color of traditional spackle. This made figuring out when each coat was dry super easy, which helped speed up the process just a bit. <— Every little bit helps, right?! white_paint-office-afterNow that the paint is dry, I’m SO excited about the bright and clean look of this space.

Let the fun begin!

It does seem very plain right now with white paint right next to the white trim, but I’m so excited to add furniture and decor to this space so that these pieces can be the “stars of the show” rather than the wall color.

Decorating around white walls is very new to me but I can’t wait to give it a try! Does anyone else tuning in have any experience with white walls? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks before we get started.

Next on the to-do list is building a fauxdenza so that our office has lots of secret storage. If all goes as planned, I’ll have more updates on this DIY Fauxdenza next week!





  • Erin

    now i can really visualize the room!!! so much better. I’m digging on that rug! and the white! that’s definitely a bold statement, but i know it’ll be a nice refreshing change but still feel comfortable!

    • Thanks Erin! The rug wasn’t an actual rug (I wish), it was just an option from the floor plan website. However, I do want to stick with a light rug like this one. =)

    • Erin

      the one on your mood board looks so similar to this one and the reviews are quite good!

    • This is actually one of my finalists!! I’m OBSESSED with this rug but am not sure if the sizes offered match my space the best. I’m still trying to make it work because it’s so good (and pretty darn affordable!). If I can’t make it work in here, hopefully I’ll find a home for this gorgeous rug someday.

  • Katie

    I love the white wall look on Pinterest rooms but have never tried it myself…excited to see the room progress!

    • Thanks Katie! I guess we’re all learning as we go!! =)

  • Kara D

    I’ve not used that pink spackle before, but I’ve used the primer that has the same concept, goes on pink and dries white. I love the idea but I’ve learned to avoid using it in rooms that get a lot of moisture (like the bathroom) because it kept turning slightly pink again whenever I showered again, and lighter paint colors required more coats to truly cover that up!

    I love that you are doing the white walls! Personally, I think white walled rooms need to have textures layered into them, because all solid/smooth surfaces would probably look/feel cold.

    • Thank you so much for those tips about the pink spackle/primer. Honestly, I would have never thought of that but you are SO right. I can see why that would happen in a space that sees a lot of moisture, like a bathroom. Thanks for the tips!!

      As for the white paint, I couldn’t agree more. The more layer + texture = the better! Thanks Kara!!

  • Kait

    Love the look so far! What color white did you use for the trim? Sounds like you did a different shade?

    • I used Ultra Pure White Semi Gloss for the trim!