Our New Digital Canvas from Meural

[Disclaimer: Thank you to Meural for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely our own. ]

I’m really excited for today’s post for a few reasons.

  1. We’ve got an amazing reader giveaway at the end #freebie
  2. Today’s product is one that can change easily as my home evolves
  3. My husband loves the thought of creating a “smart home” and today’s product fits the bill while still maintaining some serious style! #winwin

Okay, so what are we discussing that checks off all of these categories? Well, it’s a new-to-us product called a Meural Canvas.

art-photography-meuralEssentially it’s a digital art frame that instantly gives you access to 30,000 pieces of art. Yes…30,000 free pieces of world-class art licensed from leading museums, galleries, and artists around the world!

meural-canvasAnd I know what you’re thinking, a digital frame on your wall? Won’t that be kinda tacky? I totally feel ya. I thought the same thing when Meural emailed us. But then I looked into this product a bit more and realized that it doesn’t look like a digital frame…at all. family-room-built-ins-artInstead it looks textured and life-like. Just like a piece of art on your walls should look. There’s no glare, there’s no shine, instead it’s just matte.

Clearly Bridget & I like to constantly tweak and change things in our home. So the thought of purchasing a pricey piece of art that we might not love in a year sounds pretty awful. Instead with my Meural canvas I can instantly change the art. And when I say instantly, I mean it very literally because all it takes is a command from my cell phone and the art changes. <– it’s literally that easy and that instant!smile-picture-frame-meuralSo if I want something a bit more neutral, I can simply choose a black and white photograph or a serene painting. Or if I’m looking for something more dramatic, I can find another piece that fits my mood.

waving-hand-in-front-of-meural-canvasI had some friends in college who studied art history and I’m jealous that I never took a course. They would probably freak out over a product like this! But, I do feel like I’m gaining a lot of knowledge about art because of my new Meural. If a piece comes on the screen you can wave your hand in front of it (I told you it was techie!) and it will tell you more about the piece, including the artist, the date, and other interesting facts about the artwork. How awesome is that?banksy-meural

The team at Meural wants to make art universally accessible and a part of everyone’s daily routine. That sentiment is one I can definitely get behind. I’ve had so.much.fun browsing through the collections and learning more about the different kinds and eras of art.meural-iphone-app

The install wasn’t hard at all, and then Finn and I got to work using the app to choose our favorite pieces of art. You can upload your own art or photos, but I’m thinking we will probably just stick to the professionals on this for now. Maybe someday I’ll add some photos we’ve taken on our travels, but you certainly won’t be seeing any selfies up here. Ha!

cord-from-meuralThe only thing that I don’t love is the cord. You can choose from a white, black, or blue cord and I opted for the white one. tack-cord-to-wallI decided to tack it against the wall and the baseboard to give it the most clean and streamlined look. So it doesn’t bother me that much. However, I think this would look even better leaning on top of a dresser or credenza because you wouldn’t even see the cord! family-room-meuralSadly I didn’t have a great spot to do that, but I’m still obsessed with how hanging it in the family room transformed our living room.meural-canvas-side-table

The moment I learned more about this product, I instantly thought about my brother Harry. He is the techiest guy I know and always has the latest and greatest in technology products. He’s actually moving into a new home with his family this summer, so this might be a perfect house-warming gift!family-room-art

We are also spreading the love with a giveaway for 1 MEURAL CANVAS (in your choice of white or black)! Enter view the Rafflecopter below and be sure to comment on the post explaining where you’d hang the canvas if you win it!

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  • amy

    That is so cool! I would probably sit it on my credenza in my dining room. Too bad you couldn’t run the cord down through the wall.

  • H Buchanan

    I think I would put it in my living room as well! That or in my entry way area. Thanks for sharing, this is really cool!

  • Clare Brady

    Oh gosh, I’d give this to my parents. They CANNOT DECIDE on artwork for their vacation house in Hilton Head. (Also Case – the art history classes were SO GREAT! I’m so glad I took them and have at least a teeny bit of knowledge about design and phases of art in the past!)

    • haha that is too funny Clare! And yes, I’m so jealous that you were able to take art history classes in college. I wish I knew more about some of the amazing pieces on here.

  • Sara Warfel

    I’d hang it in my living room. My husband and I were just discussing needing new artwork, and we both are rookies when it comes to art, so this would be a great way to test out art to determine our style.

    • Exactly why we love this frame so much… it’s so cool to “test out” different looks! Good luck Sara!!

  • Yes! This could be SUCH a great teaching tool, especially since the art provides a little background info for each one. And it could be super cool to allow the kids to “pick the art” that day/week/month/etc.

  • Regi

    Something like this would be perfect above my fireplace! We even have a hidden outlet in the mantel, so it would work well. What a cool idea!

    • That sounds like a perfect spot! Good luck, Regi!

  • Elizabeth Mongillo

    Love this– what a great way to share art with your children… would hang in the family room and I am loving the black framed option!

    • Totally agree – such a fun (and stylish) way to get the kids involved!

  • Christina Gray

    How awesome, I remember having a teeny digital frame in college that rotated through my favorite photos…I loved it. This feels much more grown up!
    I would put it on our dresser.

    • We couldn’t agree more!! Hope all is well, Christina!!

  • You’re right, thanks!

  • Meghan Wilkosz

    This is amazing! I would put it on my “tic-tac-toe” shelving unit we have in our family room. How cool!

  • Julia Roberts

    I’d love to hang one of these digital art frames in my living room behind the couch!

    • behind a couch would be so cool… and the perfect place to hide the cord. Great idea!!

  • Reva

    Pretty cool…. That looks way nicer than other digital frames I’ve seen. I’d put it on my bookshelves! Hope you ladies have a great day.

  • Shanna Schlabach

    I would hang it in my living room. My girls and I would have so much fun picking new art!

  • Trang

    What a novel idea. I wish they’d come up with a non-chorded frame though.

    • Genius, right?! Maybe over time the technology will advance and it could become cordless? Because you’re right, the is a definite factor in where this frame can be displayed.

  • Courtney Arnsdorff

    I would love to be able to give this to my mom – she was an art major in college and would enjoy it so much!

    • Aw, how sweet of you! I’m sure she would LOVE it, especially if she is so knowledgeable in art!

  • Gretchen Gapczynski Pfeil

    This would look great in my family room. I love how you can switch out the art…I get bored easily!

    • We feel ya, that’s exactly why we were so intrigued with the Meural too! And now that it’s part of our home, it’s been so fun to switch up the art!

  • Katie Clarkson


  • It’s hard not to love! Good luck Miriam!

  • Michelle Swingle

    I love this idea… and I know just where I would put it!

  • Beth Hirsch

    I would hang this on the wall behind a new sofa that will be coming in about a month! Fresh paint on the walls, light gray sofa and new artwork (anytime) – win, win, win!

    • You’ve been one busy lady! Amazing job (and good luck)!!

  • I would totally hang this in our entryway! – Easy holiday decorations with art and I wouldn’t have to store different frames/decorations for each season. Win!

  • Rachel

    What an amazing product! I’d love this for the entertainment center in my great room – I love how you can also upload your own photography to it!

  • Kara D

    Wouldn’t it be funny to hang something like this in the entry way or in a guest bedroom to change up the displayed photo of you and a guest together, so that you both can revel in memories together when they come over? 🙂

  • Jacqui

    In there guest room! How great to change the art depending on the guest!

  • Bethany Silvia

    I can’t get over what a brilliant, amazing product this is! I would love to add this to my gallery wall in my living room. I studied fine art all four years of high school and then earned an art minor with my business degree. Van Gogh is my absolute favorite and I’d love to bring his pieces back into my life!

    • Oh my goodness…you need a Meural Bethany! That is amazing. You’d truly appreciate the wide range of art available on it.

  • Erin Sunstrum

    I’m getting ready to move into a new apartment this fall – would love this as a show piece in living room!

  • Toria Smith

    This is such a great idea especially since you can use your own photography as well. I have several place in our house where I am seasonally changing out pictures and this would make that process so easy!

  • ilse colby

    What a great idea! I love the idea of being able to switch up my decor depending on my mood and the season! I think I’d hang this in the hallway for a quick way to refresh my apartment. I was also thinking this would be great for dinner parties as it could be changed based on theme. Fingers crossed for this one! Thanks xo

    • We love that idea of changing it up based on the visitors in your home!

  • Heather

    SO neat! I have a lot of blank walls because I can’t commit to one. This would be amazing for my indecisive self! So much art to choose from! Great sponsored post, I’ve never heard of this!

    • We were blown away when we learned more too. Truly a really cool company!

  • Yes! A great product for a small space.

  • Marilyn

    How cool! I think I would hang this up in our dining room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kendra

    This is amazing! I would use it in my classroom to change the pictures to topics we are studying.

  • Lucy

    i love this! i would hang it up in our kids’ playroom and i would display their artwork.

  • Caitlin Guehrn

    This is the coolest! I never would have guessed it was a digital picture on first look.

    • Right?! It really is amazing. We thought it might have that digital look, but it looks like a normal piece of artwork

  • Katie W.

    This is such a neat product! How cool would it be to have a large print over a couch that you can change whenever you want. Love!

    • Makes the decision process a heck of a lot easier! No design regret!

  • Kelly Franks

    I would hang it in our office. I need something fun like this in there!

    • Great idea! Keep your creative juices flowing in your work space.

  • Tara

    I would hang this in my living room!! I love that you have the option to have a personal picture displayed or classic art. Such a neat idea!!

  • Shannon A

    I would put this in my kitchen…maybe I could put the weeks menu up?

  • Joan Kane

    It would be perfect in my foyer!

  • Zara H

    This looks awesome! Totally need some art for my office refresh.

  • Jessica Gibb

    In my living room!!

  • Jordan

    What an awesome concept! I’d love to have this above my bed in my bedroom. Such a game changer!!

  • Lauren

    I would love to hang this in our home office! Talk about creative inspiration!

  • vyvyann

    This is so cool! Thank you!

  • Perfect in out open floor plan living room! And A PERFECT CLOSING GIFT for any and all of my clients!! I love this idea! This would make a great gift!!

    • That would make for a perfect closing gift, Colleen! Love that idea.

  • Sarah Velardi Falvo

    This is so amazing friends for my art-commitment phobia!

    • haha love the way you say that! We’re the exact same!

  • Erin Carmody

    What a GREAT concept! I took art history for college, and I can honestly say it was a useful class for traveling, visiting museums and galleries, and shopping. This would be a great addition to my dining room to keep art rotating as I do the things in the room. 🙂 So glad you guys shared about this one!!

    • You would really appreciate it then Erin! I’ve loved learning a bit more about some of these famous pieces.

  • Oh that sounds perfect!

  • Gretchen Amsley

    This is such a great idea. I had no idea something like this even existed. It is perfect for me since I tend to get bored and move stuff around the house to. reflect my mood! Thanks!

    • We completely agree! We didn’t really know anything like this either until recently, that’s why we were so excited to check it out and share our experience.

  • Florian

    Just finished building a new fauxdenza for the living room and this would look awesome on it!

    • Yay for the fauxdenza! They’re our favorite. This would look awesome on one.

  • Hillary

    Wow, this is SO cool! These might be my go-to gifts for Mother’s Day for my my mom and MIL this year! Would also make an awesome wedding gift! I love your idea to place on a credenza to hide the cord – I’d love to add it to my entry table if I were to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Melissa

    My husband tends to make a lot of things on the computer that he loves to print and hang. Which I love, but then he finds something and changes it. We re-print/re-hang, and he changes it again, and it is an end-less cycle. Which drives me bonkers! This frame would make things so much easier!

    • hahaha! That’s too funny. This would definitely alleviate some of the stress of that!

  • PercyandPeaches

    This would be great for my office. I love the variety and the look is great.

  • PAM


  • Betsey

    I’d put it on an old roll top desk that I made into a bar “cart”!

  • Emily

    My husband and I just moved into our first house last week. There are boxes everywhere at the moment and nothing on the walls. This could go anywhere and I would be so happy. But if I had to choose one spot, it would be above the fireplace.

  • Annie Kim

    Whoa, my mind is blown! While I did take some art history courses in university that was seriously a long long time ago (haha). I would put this on an awkward strip of a half-wall right next to my office desk -looks like the perfect dimension! It also feeds into a part of a gallery wall as well, so it would blend in, too! 🙂

    • We feel the same way… how did we not hear about this sooner?!

  • Flo

    I would hang it next to my desk in my little home office. What a great addition that would be.

  • Chelsea Ross

    I would hang it above my credenza; it’s currently a bare white wall, which needs lots of love!!

  • Bryn

    This is a great product! I have an empty spot in my living room that I can’t decide what to do with because I’m too afraid I would change my mind – this product would solve that fear!

  • rajee

    in my living room