On a Search for Stylish and Comfortable Flats

A few weeks ago, we shared our big conundrum when it comes to our work wear. Finding flats that are both stylish AND comfortable. Neither of us have ever been able to find a pair that fits the bill. Either they’re cute and give you blisters like crazy. Or you can wear them all day long, but they’re not super trendy.casey-work-blazer

Well…we are so happy that we shared this with all of you because we received an influx of suggestions for flats to purchase. So many of you took time out of your day to email, message, or comment letting us know all about your favorite shoes and why you love them so much! We cannot thank you enough for giving us the inside scoop!

teacher-fashion-sweater-skirt-bridget-standingToday, we thought it would be fun to share some of those suggestions with all of you so we can all learn from each other. We don’t know about you, but we’re both 10x more likely to purchase something when it’s given a glowing review. And hearing all of your rave reviews on your favorite flats makes us want to scoop up every last pair of these shoes! Seriously…we want to make a closet full of flats that would make Carrie Bradshaw envious!finding_perfect_flats

So let’s get right to the suggestions so we can all get shopping for those elusive comfy/cute/stylish/wear all day long flats! There was quite the range of recommendations too, so we decided to categorize them by price. Let’s start with the priciest and work our way down…

Pricey…but worth it!the_best_flats.24 PM

 1. Cole Haan Bow Ballet Flat // 2.  Cole Haan Packable Flat // 3. Tieks Leopard // 4. Black Tory Burch

“I’m on my feet all day in the hospital. Swear by Cole Haan”

“I have yet to take the plunge but I hear Tieks by Gavrieli are amazing!”

“Tieks! My favorite flats! So comfy!”

“Tory Burch flats! I own them in almost every color! Great to travel in, and easy to pack. You can dress up or down.”

Moderate Price Tag

the_best_flats.59 PM1. TOMS Jutti Flat // 2. Yosi Samra Nude Flat // 3. Frye Oxford Loafers // 4. J. Crew Cece //

5. Michael Kors Loafer // 6. Vionic Lace Up // 7. Vionic Leopard

“TOMS flats. They were my favorite when I was teaching.”

“Yosi Samra foldable flats. They’re not cheap, but super comfy and cute. My fave are the nude patent leather ones!”

“These [Frye Oxford Loafers] are a game changer. I’ve been obsessed with oxfords lately—they’re a little bit masculine, but in an awesome way, and perfect for work. Super comfortable. Plus Frye has a year warrantee on their shoes which is amazing!”

“J.Crew’s Cece is a… style that is also comfy!”

“Michael Kors Loafers and Flats. I’m a teacher and I live in them. I have 4 pairs.”

“Vionics have some cute ones and I’m addicted to their slippers.”

Buy them for a Steal!

the_best_flats.53 PM

1. $25 Payless Flats // 2. Audrey Brooke Newport Flat

“You HAVE to try these flats from Payless! For the price, who knows how long they’ll last (although I’ve worn them probably 15 times now with no wear yet), but they are by FAR the comfiest pair I’ve ever worn – I always get blisters from flats, but these are amazing!”

“These are my go to flats as well! I am in the trade show business which is standing hours and hours a day, for several days straight. You can usually wait until they go on sale + a coupon and get them for about $15-$18. I have owned at least half a dozen colors over the last 3 years. As I have found inevitable with all flats they do get gross and smelly eventually, but I would rather replace these than have stinky expensive flats.”

“The Audrey Brooke Lydia/ Newport Ballet Flats are my go to. It has a little hidden heel so it gives more support than those cute-but not so comfortable Steve Madden ones. Plus they have a rubber sole, so they feel more substantial and last forever.”


Flats_Shoes_Jeans_Fashion-3Can you believe these tassel flats are from Payless?!

We actually both decided to purchase some of these flats ourselves so we can give them a try. We’re both bought a pair of the $25 Payless ones (because you really can’t beat that price tag!) and then we’re each going to purchase 1 other pair that’s a bit pricier. Our plan is to then report back on the comfort & cuteness factor here on the blog in a few weeks!

Flats_Shoes_Jeans_Fashion-2We can’t thank you guys enough for taking time to share your favorite flats with us! And if you have any other shoes that you absolutely LOVE please do share! Sometimes it can be challenging ordering shoes online when you can’t try them on, so we love hearing recommendations from other girls just like us!

Hopefully together we can all find our favorite comfortable & cute pair of flats for work!


  • Brie

    Thank you for sharing these! I HATE flats because I’ve never found a comfortable pair (although discount shoes ARE my default). I’m still rocking my [comfortable] heels at 7.5 months pregnant but do sometimes wish that I had a neutral pair of flats on the days when it’s too cold to wear open-toed flats. I’ll have to check these out!

    • Brie you are a rock star! Still rocking heels? You go girl!

  • Trang

    I hate flats. I am short as it is and don’t like to feel shorter. However, I have succumbed to buying a few TOMS flats when there is a good sale just to have them around. I don’t wear them often though because they don’t go with the clothes I wear (mostly atheleisure!). My choice for winter are boots and booties (Sperry & TOMS) and sandals for spring/summer (wedges). Of course, sneakers are my favorite daily wear! Plain Jane here, I know.

    • We LOVE that you know exactly what works for you and what you love… that’s all the really matters, right?!

  • Katie

    Love the tassel flats. I recently bought these (people are 50/50 of ugly vs trendy)
    I think they’re classic and very comfy.

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls – such cute flats! I bought a pair at Kohl’s last year and I love them they are Sonoma and they are so comfy!

    • Thanks Shawnna… and thanks about the Kohl’s tip! We’re definitely going to look into those.

  • Shelley

    In the “Pricey but worth it” section, it looks like the link for #2 actually goes to the shoe pictured in #1 (and the link for #1 is broken or out of stock). I love the #2 shoe – can you tell me what it is?

    • So sorry about that! Fixing the link in the post now.

      Here’s the link to the flats you like (so cute!) They’re the Cole Haan Packable Ballet Flat from Nordstrom.