Office Updates: Shelves, Rug & a New Light

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Barn_door_building_process-painted_whiteLast time we chatted, I updated you guys on the progress of our DIY Barn Door in the office. I should have some detailed updates on that final look next week but until then, I’m excited to check in with other office developments — new furniture, a new rug, and a new light fixture!


Honestly, this makeover has been a bit backwards since I should have finished all of the DIY projects in this space before ordering the furniture BUT it didn’t happen exactly like that.


After I painted the room white, I was a bit at a crossroads. I knew I loved the white paint, but the blank canvas staring back at me was freaking me out. white_paint-office-afterWas the mood board really going to translate well into this space? Was the white paint the right decision? Is it going to make this space look too stark or flat? But instead of letting these thoughts freeze me into that awful stage of indecision, I vowed that I would just keep going… intentionally choosing items that I love.  I was confident that if I brought only items that I loved into this room, I was bound to love the final outcome (white paint and all).


office_rug_pouf-TomsI know the room isn’t completely done yet but so far so good…. I’m LOVING the look and overall direction. It all started when I spotted this Wayfair Olga Gray Rug on sale! I had been stalking the internet for weeks and couldn’t seem to find the perfect neutral rug for this space. I found a lot of contenders but they ended up being the wrong size, the wrong price, or just too busy for my taste.


But when I saw the 6’7″ x 9′ rug on sale and read the glowing reviews, I was sold. Plus this room is small so finding a rug that was the right size and one that I loved proved harder than I thought it would be… that was until I saw this one. I knew I loved this rug enough to add it to the room.office_progress_wayfair_furniture-shelves

Once I decided on the rug, I used that as a springboard to make a few more design decisions. I originally thought about hanging shelves but didn’t know if that would work since I wasn’t sure what I would put under those shelves. Another dresser? A chair? Could I find a dresser tall enough so it wouldn’t get hidden by the tall desk in front of it?



Then I saw these Wayfair Easmore Leaning Bookcases that offered some secret storage (a very high priority in this room). When I realized that buying one small one and one larger one and displaying them side by side would fit perfectly in this space, I was again SOLD! I saw a very similar shelving unit from a different store that I love, but the price-tag was almost DOUBLE so this more affordable option was a welcomed surprise!

office_progress_file-foldersI’m going to dive into more details about what these shelves store (and hide!) soon, but I’m super happy with the secret storage they provide. And how about that record player?! More on that soon too but let’s just say it’s my newest obsession. Blog work + Records = my new jam!

wayfair_record_playerSide note: For my record junkies tuning in, any recommendations for a newbie like me? I just ordered the Lumineers and have my Footloose record from when I was a kid but I would love to hear your advice on what other records I should add to my tiny collection.

office_progress_wayfair_lightJust like the rug, I looked online for a LOT of lighting options. I knew I wanted a drum light (like the one I installed in our bedroom). When I saw this Baxton 3 light flush mount from Wayfair  with the pop of black, I knew it was the one. The pop of black was the perfect way to tie everything together. And swapping out the pendant for this one really lit up the space a lot more, which is great for those late nights working.


Rookie Tip: I think I may be done hanging pendant style lights in small bedrooms. They may be cute, but because they hang lower, they don’t light up the space enough. <— Something I didn’t even realize was happening until I started swapping them out.

office_progress_wayfair_furniture-plant-officeWhen the shelves + rug + light arrived, I was SO much more excited about the direction of the space and finally started to see the vision of the room coming to life.

Looking back I’m so glad I didn’t over think the process, but instead just shopped with intention and only brought items I really loved into the room. And although I wish the messy DIY projects were out-of-the-way before I brought in the furniture, it has been nice having some of the big pieces in the space before choosing a color/style for the DIY Barn Door.

I know I have a lot more details to share about this space, including the status of the barn door and what the other side of the room is shaping up to look like! Checking in with you guys today has me even more motivated to finish the barn door and add some finishing touches on the second half of the room. Hopefully in the next week or two I’ll be back with more progress (and pics!!).bridget_sig

  • Katy

    I just ordered that rug for our bedroom! Such a great rug for such a great price!!

    • It’s amazing! I hope you love yours as much as we do!! I love how versatile (and budget-friendly) it is.

  • Erin

    seriously i swear you’re doing the shopping for us. i’ve been forever looking for a flush mount light for our bedroom, and i think the one you picked out just might be it! and the price is so right.

    We did buy the rug shortly after seeing it on your instagram, but i had it pinned for a couple months and was reading reviews. and the reviews sold me on it. i was truly scared to go for a rug that had a print on it because the first time we bought one (herringbone… i hated it so much it was ridiculous!) and the rug we had would NOT stop shedding – now it’s in the bedroom and doesn’t bother me as much anymore. so happy all around!!!!

    as for the leaning bookshelves – i love the drawer on the bottom — if my husband would let me i’d totally buy the white to replace the one we have. but he would kill me 😉

    • Aw, you made my day Erin! I’m so glad I could help!! I do love these items BUT I do want to note that the light was a little challenging to install because the screws were JUST long enough. They worked but if you have longer screws that fit the job, I would definitely recommend using those instead.

      And most importantly, you’ll have to send me a pic of the space when it’s done! I’d love to see some of these items styled differently/in different spaces. Your room is going to be amazing!

  • Austin Schneider

    The room looks fantastic! I love what you said about only bringing in things you absolutely love – that’s what I’m trying to stick to as I decorate my new place!

    • Thanks Austin! Making decisions is hard when it comes to a blank slate, but focusing on what you really love is definitely a tool that has helped me get through it. =)

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girl- love the look!

  • Brandy

    Some of my favourite records to own are Michael Jackson’s Bad, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and anything by Mumford & Sons. 🙂

    • THANK YOU!! I’m a record rookie and need ALL the recommendations I get. These are so helpful!

  • Katie

    This room is gorgeous! Lately I am loving the blank slate white can give and having pops of wood, black and greenery. Great job. Everything is simple and intentional.

  • Heather

    Loving this room!! And I am with you on the flush mount drum lights. We just installed two in our kitchen because a) the oversized fluorescent light was just offensive and b) they give off soooo much more light it seems like.

    • Thanks Heather, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I feel the same way — sooooo much more light!

  • Trang

    You did a great job in this room! It’s beautiful and bright.

  • Maria

    Wow!! It looks stunning! I did not expect it compare with the rest of the house, is a surprise 🙂
    I moved to the St. Louis from Barcelona (Spain) a few months ago and still working on my rental apartment decor. I am looking for a round mirror like the one in your picture, where is it from?

    Like so much all your creations Casey and Bridget!

  • Jen C.

    Bridget, I’m sorry if you already said and I missed it, but where did you get the picture frames above the shelves? I love the thin black edges. Thanks!

    • Hey Jen! No problem. They’re actually from Michaels. Were super inexpensive (maybe like $12 a piece??) Hope that helps!

    • Jen C.

      Thank so much!!