How to Style Shelves in your Bathroom

I feel like so many of the things I decorate in my home remind me of the book, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.” I know I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but it just makes me chuckle every time I think about it. If I change one thing in a room, then it usually prompts another change, and another…so on and so forth.

bathroom-pendant-lightingThat’s definitely the case in our master bathroom. You guys know all about how I hemmed and hawed over bathroom pendants, and I finally decided to go with these black ones.

pendant-lights-master-bathroomI’m still loving our choice and they really change the entire space! So much brighter and the black is classic.

Our Old Bathroom ShelvesWooden-Ikea-Shelves

But those black pendants made me look at our bathroom shelves in a whole new light. They needed to be re-styled….and fast! Every morning I would get ready for work and I’d stare at those shelves thinking about what needed to be changed. Then at night I’d brush my teeth and make a mental note on all of the items I needed to keep my eyes peeled for when shopping.

My storybook would write, “If you give Casey new bathroom lighting….she will want to re-decorate her bathroom shelves.” I’m happy to say that I finally stopped staring at the bathroom shelves, and instead I started decorating said shelves.

My Bathroom Shelves – Restyled

I decided to added some sleek black touches to complement the new pendants. With a color palette of black, white, and a hint of greenery…I was good to go. accessories-decorate

This black accessory was a Target find and it serves zero purpose, but as Marie Kondo would say, “it brings me joy”…so into my shopping cart it went. I gave it an extra boost of height with some hardcover books and it’s sitting pretty on the shelf.plant-shelves-bathroom

The black sculpture is one of the few pieces that is purely decorative. Mostly everything else actually has a purpose…I promise!navy-box-plant

The navy box on the top shelf is home to some SUPER secret storage. It’s where I keep my tampons. I don’t think tampons have ever looked so pretty. No one but me (and now all of you…) knows that I stash them in this spot, but it’s incredibly convenient to have them located right above the toilet. Now if you ever stop on by you’ll know where to find them! navy-box

If you’re looking for your own secret box, make sure you find one that is long enough to hold them!matches-bobby-pins

Moving on to another fun bathroom topic…matches. We all know why matches are sometimes needed in the bathroom, so why not display them in a cute way? I found this white container at a flea market and it holds our matchbook collection. We try to always pick up matches when they’re at a restaurant…kinda like a fun little souvenir.bobby-pins

Since my taking shots days are well behind me, I use a clear shot glass to hold extra bobby pins. Whenever I’m getting ready and need one I walk on over and pluck one out. So easy and no more digging through my bathroom cabinets to find one.accessories-bathroom-shelves

I stole this idea from Bridget, but the white canister holds a spare roll of toilet paper! I used to keep the in a basket, but they’d always get pretty dusty in there. This canister from Crate & Barrel holds a roll perfectly and no one would ever know! No there’s no excuse for not changing the roll when it gets empty!plant-bathroomTo bring some greenery and life into the space, I found this plant at Home Depot (I think it’s a jade plant, but don’t quote me on that) and put it in a black pot from HomeGoods. There’s a window in the bathroom so it does get some light, but I think the humidity from the shower is what it really loves. It’s actually thriving! accesories-frame-bathroom

And how about that gorgeous art on top? I’ve been eyeing it for some time now and finally purchased it from Minted. For only $25 for the 8×10 it wasn’t too bad. I then paired it in my favorite budget-friendly frame from Michaels.bathroom-augusta-toilet-shelves

Get the Look

Overall, I’m loving the new style in this space. It’s crazy how some re-arranging and adding a few new pieces can transform a room. And I have no other things to change in this room…for now. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Psst…here’s an old post showcasing how I built the shelves!


  • shawnna griffin

    hey girl- love the new look! so cool!

  • Kara D

    I love both the old and new shelve stylings! So the steam from the shower never had a bad effect on the framed artwork? That’s great!

    • Yeah I was always really worried about that…but it stayed just fine in there!

  • Austin Brewer

    They look fantastic! Question: is your toilet slightly off-centered on that wall (at least the non-tile portion)? We currently live in a duplex and both our toilets are slightly off-centered in their little nooks, and trying to hang art has me stumped (to center on the wall or the toilet!). It looks like you centered your shelves over the toilet, which is the direction I’m leaning.

    • I’ve never actually noticed…but you’re right! It is off-center. I went ahead and centered the shelves over the toilet. I’d recommend that!

    • Austin Brewer

      Awesome! (I hope that didn’t come across as rude or critical, pointing that out. It was kind of a relief to see that quirk in someone else’s home!)

    • Oh goodness! No way Austin..not rude at all. It’s actually so funny how I’ve never even noticed that before!

  • sarah

    love the blue box! Where is it from?

    • It’s from HomeGoods! Probably bought it about 9 months ago?

  • I COMPLETELY understand the “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” analogy. We always think every home project will stop at one thing…we’ve done enough of them by now we should know they always lead to more! New shelves look great!!

  • Kristen Ayotte

    The updated shelves look great!

  • Len Osvatic

    Where did you find those shelves with the metal sides, love em!

    • The brackets are from Ikea and I just got some wood and stained it.