Spring Video 2017

There have been some warm weekends here in Chicago, so it already feels like summer is here. But with summer officially arriving this week (yay!), we thought it was about time to share our spring 2017 video.Chicago_River_Wrigley_Building

As a reminder, we put together these short video montages every season. It’s a fun “video scrapbook” of what we’ve been up to and it’s a unique way to capture all of the craziness we do on a regular basis! Chicago_Cindys_Drink

Here are our past videos if you want to catch up!

Rainbow_Cone_Chicago-2Today we’re back with our spring video. Most of it was shot here in Chicago, but we did sneak in a few shots from Bridget & Matt’s spring break trip to Washington D.C. We’ve got shots from some of the DIY projects we did this spring, behind-the-scenes from our news segment, and breathtaking views of our favorite city!

Spring Video 2017

We hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of the last few months. With some fun summer trips coming up, we’re even more excited to showcase what’s ahead for us behind-the-scenes of The DIY Playbook. Casey_bridget_Sig


  • Trang

    What a fun spring and Chicago was beautiful this spring. Have a great trip to Iceland….looking forward to the summer video.

    • Thanks Trang! We were lucky to have such beautiful weather here in Chicago throughout the Spring. Hoping the same goes for summer, fall & winter. #fingerscrossed

  • I love these videos you guys put together! It makes me think that I should create these for my family, such a great way to combine all the little videos I take of our special and everyday moments. Did you guys use your DSLR’s to record the footage or your iphones? Would love a tutorial! ??

    • Thanks so much Kerri! We typically do a little bit of both but mostly DSLR. That’s such a great idea to do this as a family. We’ve been doing this a little over a year and already love looking back at the old videos. Even though they are short, they do a great job of capturing what we did that season. We’re so happy we started them and now love the idea of doing them for our families someday too!

  • Pam

    Loved the video. You did Chicago proud. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rebecca Pappas

    I LOVE your video! I’m from Chicago and miss it – this video (and you guys) made me smile the entire time I watched it. Thanks!

    • Awww thanks Rebecca! It truly is an awesome place…especially in the summertime!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- love the video! so cool!