Heeled Sandals We’ve Been Wearing on Repeat

We love summer for A LOT of reasons, but one of our favorite parts of the summer is all of the fun things there are to do throughout these next few months.

Shopping with Intention

From nights out on the town, to a long list of showers/weddings, there’s a lot to celebrate this time of year and we need to make sure our closet is ready for our busy social schedule.

Do we need to run out and buy tons of different outfits and accessories? Not at all. We actually prefer to shop with intention and intentionally buy a few versatile items that we can get a lot of use out of.the_DIY_Playbook_Bridget_Casey_Headshot-8This rule applies when we purchase tops, pants, dresses, accessories and most importantly, shoes! Today we are dishing details on that last item, because having comfortable shoes for these events is a must.

No one wants to be stuck with huge blisters or sore feet when they’re out enjoying these fun times. This is why we are extremely selective when finding our one pair of heeled sandals each summer and today we’re sharing all of the details on each of our “winning pairs”.


I’m not someone who buys several different pairs of summer heels. Instead I like to find one versatile (and comfortable!) pair, then I end up wearing that pair on repeat. Because I wear these sandals so often, I tend to be pretty selective when choosing the “perfect pair” and I am willing to spend a few extra bucks if need be.

I want the color to be just right, I want them to be a versatile style, and I want them to be comfortable (aka not super tall). Luckily, I have found my go-to summer heels and can’t recommend them enough for anyone else looking for their own pair.

This Summer’s Winning Pair

From casual nights/weekends out in the city to dressier occasions, these block heeled sandals have quickly become one of my favorites! I love the color because they match with just about everything. As you can see here, I have paired them with black jeans and neutrals, but I also wear them with dressier shorts, white pants, and even jeans! What’s not to love about a pair of shoes that work with almost any shorts/pants in your wardrobe?!Chicago_Bridget_Fashion_DressBut the part that sold me the most is how comfortable they are. A thicker heel is always a great way to subtly add comfort. Not only is this heel thicker, it isn’t too tall which makes them even more perfect for me.Chicago_Bridget_Fashion_Dress-4

I don’t like buying a lot of different heeled sandals (who has closet space for that?!), so I’m extra appreciative that these comfortable heels work with everything!

The one minor detail I would change (if I could!) is having slightly shorter laces on this shoe. No one else would probably ever notice this detail, but I wanted to put it out there in honor of full disclosure.


Also in honor of full disclosure, I bought this pair on sale for $29 at the Steve Madden outlet. My $29 price tag is quite a bit cheaper than the option I linked. I wanted to tell you guys just in case you have a Steve Madden outlet in your area. I love this pair so much I would pay a lot more than $29, but who doesn’t love a great deal?! Keep me updated if you find a pair at that same price.


I have to confess that I actually have 2 pairs of heeled sandals that I’m currently loving for the summer season. The first are veeeeery similar to Bridget’s. In fact, at an initial glance you might think they’re the exact same shoe!casey-white-jeans-jackeet

But they’re not the exact same shoe, and you’ve actually seen them on the blog here for the past few months. Even though they’re technically different from Bridget’s nude sandals, I love them for all of the same reasons that Bridget mentioned above. The nude color, the thick heel, the perfect height…they’re an ideal summer sandal.casey-blush-blazer-5

I actually picked these shoes up in March, and ever since it got warm out I’ve been wearing them to work and on the weekends constantly. All of that wear had me itching to add another pair to my closet. Because I’m pretty sure I wore these shoes to work every single day once the temps were above 60 degrees.

Brown Leather Sandalscasey-legs-sandals

So I got these bad boys! They’re a gorgeous brown leather and again…that block heel makes them incredibly comfortable. casey-summer-shorts

They’re not quite as versatile as the nude pair (because I don’t really wear these with black), but I still have gotten tons of wears out of them. And at less than $70 you really can’t go wrong!

shoes-sandals-heelsI was nervous that the straps might rub in all the wrong places, leaving me with blisters. But I find that I can wear them all day at work and I’m a-okay. I usually wear gym shoes on my commute to work (yes…I’m that kinda girl #fashionpolice) and then slip into these once I get to my desk. casey-walking-sandals

So it’s safe to say we are both strutting into summer with some cool new kicks. We hope you consider the block heel trend, because it’s 100x more comfortable than the heels we used to wear, and our feet thank us for that!




  • Erin

    i’m with you on these sandals! i have a pair of nude wedges and a similar pair of block heeled in bronze/brown and i definitely rotate between the two throughout the week!

    • Having ones you love (and ones that are comfy!) is the best , isn’t it?!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- Great post! Are y’all back from Iceland?

    • We are! We got back Monday night and it was such an amazing trip! Can’t wait to share the scoop on the blog next week 🙂