Where Bridget Buys All of Her Eye Glasses Now

I’ve been getting more and more questions about my eye glasses lately so I figured I would dedicate one of our Wednesday style posts to this topic. Today I’m diving into the details on where I buy all of my eye glasses now.

Spoiler alert: it isn’t my eye doctor’s office anymore!

Where Do You Buy Your Eye Glasses?

A little over a year ago I learned about Warby Parker, a company that sells fashionable eye glasses and sun glasses. They have a few brick & mortar stores here in Chicago, but their business model is really based on customers going online, choosing 4 pairs of eye or sunglasses, and having them mailed to them so they can “test drive” these prescription-less frames at home.

Customers can wear each pair and eventually decide which pair(s) they want. Then all you have to do is mail them back and wait for the winning pairs to arrive filled with your prescription. If you’re thinking that buying eye glasses online sounds crazy, I was right there with you… until I saw the amazing selection and prices that Warby Parker has to offer!

As I start to gush all about my experience with Warby Parker, I do want to note that this is in NO WAY affiliated or sponsored by Warby Parker. I just love their products and feel excited to spread the word so that others can find fashionable glasses and start saving some serious money like I have.

Saving Money

Before discovering Warby Parker I bought all of my eye glasses at my doctor’s office. And even though I have really good insurance, I still was paying way more than $100 (after insurance) for the glasses I would pick out at the office. Plus my insurance would only cover one new pair a year so I wouldn’t even think about choosing another pair because of the super high price-tag.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the ones I picked at the doctor’s office but the selection was small and I found myself settling for ones I liked instead of finding ones I absolutely loved.

Warby Parker is different because there are so many on-trend options to choose from. I brought in my prescription from my doctor (I actually have a store close to my house) and chose from 100’s of adorable frames. Plus all of their frames are $99 TOTAL  and that includes your prescription and shipping! OR you can buy the frames with no prescription at all and just wear them as a fashion accessory. I know a lot of trendy people who do this!!

And the best news of all is that Warby Parker accepts many insurance programs so a few of my pairs were completely free to me because of my insurance package, a perk that has never happened to me before. This jump to Warby Parker allows me to choose a a couple of pairs to rotate though each year, instead of being stuck with the same pair like I was before.

My collection is slowly growing, but I figured I would break down my three favorite pairs of glasses, 2 new-ish from Warby Parker, and 1 really old pair from my doctor’s office.


I have tried to choose a collection of glasses that are all a bit unique so that I’m not doubling up on any style. I have this dark pair, one medium pair, and one light pair. This pair was actually a few years old from my doctor’s office (they were expensive!!) but I have gotten a lot of use out of them over the years so I feel less bad about the price tag. 

I usually wear my dark glasses with darker, fall colors and bold lips. 

Although this pair is a really dark frame for such a fair complected person like me, I have found that tortoise shell frames work better with my skin tone compared to a stark black or darker color… although I love that look on others!


This next pair is from Warby Parker and is a lighter, carmel color. These are a tad different from the dark frames and are actually a slightly different shape, which makes them even more unique and worth adding to my collection.

I like the rounder, circle frames because they’re a tad more quirky and aren’t as bold as the super dark ones. I don’t have a rule for when I reach for this pair over the others, but I do love changing it up and having a few pairs to choose from.


Most recently I added these transparent blush frames to my collection from Warby Parker, and I’m obsessed with the light color and new shape. I have really loved having the option to wear my glasses, but not as such a focal point like my other two pairs. 

The blush really blends in with my light skin/hair and seems a lot less dramatic and even a bit more feminine, which I’m digging!

Honestly, I wear all three pairs pretty equally and love having the option to change it up without breaking the bank. I don’t plan on adding a new pair anytime soon (3 very different pairs seems perfect for now) but I always have my eyes peeled for a two-toned pair I love or a colored pair that is so me.

Until then, I’m SO happy I heard about Warby Parker because their selection is SO good and the prices are even better. Have any of you tried Warby Parker? What do you think?! And on a side note for those of you who have a store nearby, how amazing is their decor too?! I’m always looking around while I’m in there to find design inspiration because I just love the colors and vibes!



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  • Stacey

    Also, check out http://www.zennioptical.com/. I’ve ordered a pair from them and was very pleased.

    • Oh thanks for the scoop Stacey! Will definitely check it out!

  • Erin

    i love warby parker, but i do find that their sunglasses typically are way too big especially since i love aviators. so i went with glassesusa instead. However, for their glasses collection, definitely love their price. I couldn’t believe that when i got my glasses at target even with insurance i was still forking over $400! like no, what.. ridiculous! i’ve never really even considered getting multiple glasses to switch it up — which could be fun considering i do wear my glasses much more often in the winter time!

    • I agree… glasses can be SO expensive!! And I’m going to have to check out glassesusa, thank you for the rec!

  • Kat Hamilton

    I always find that I need to get my glasses adjusted to fit around my ears right. Has this been an issue for you with your Warby Parkers?

    • Really? I have never had a problem but that is a valid concern! How do you fix that if you don’t live by a store?

    • Heather Leppert Spencer

      My son recently got frames from Warby Parker. Our local Costco optical center adjusted them for free. We told them that we would not hold them accountable for anything that happened to them while they were adjusting them! Warby Parker will also reimburse you up to $50 in fees for adjustments (don’t quote me on that… :D)

    • Thanks for the info, this is great to know!!

    • Kat Hamilton

      I haven’t bought any Warby Parkers because I’ve been worried about it. I also haven’t researched it at all. Ha! But maybe I stop being lazy and look into what Heather said below. I suppose I can’t be the only person in the World that has this problem… Thanks ladies!