Fall Video 2017

By the end of this week, everyone is going to be in full-on holiday mode, and the fall season will be behind us. Before that happens, we want to share one of our favorite playbook traditions…our seasonal video!

As a reminder, we put together these short video montages every few months. It’s a fun “video scrapbook” of what we’ve been up to and it’s a unique way to capture all of the craziness we do on a regular basis!

Here are our past videos if you want to catch up!

Catch up on our Seasonal Videos

As you guys know, we had a busier than expected fall season. Between Casey’s trip to Italy, Bridget’s baby announcement, and her new house…we’ve had a lot going on. We tried our best to capture clips for each and every one of these amazing life events to give you a glimpse into some of the behind-the-scenes of our content.

Fall Video 2017

We hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of our fall season. Now let the holiday shenanigans begin!


  • Erin

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!!! hope you have a wonderful holiday! i’ll be on a plane to thailand!!!

    • Erin that sounds amazing! Enjoy your time there. Sooooo jealous!

  • Trang

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! I’ll be drinking vino….in Canada (close to enough to Italy right? Haha).

    • haha thatta girl Trang! Yes, bring on all the wine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family.

  • Brie

    You two are adorable! What exciting adventures you have! I love the travel stuff you post because it allows me to live vicariously … and the baby updates make me smile! 🙂 (I’m a teacher mom of two littles .. so the traveling isn’t happening in this season for us, lol) Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Aw thanks so much Brie! So awesome to hear from a fellow teacher. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • Maribel Quesada

    I was curious to know what Bridget stored in the white dresser in her living room. I recently scored a dresser similar to hers for FREE, It needs some work. Anyhow my husband asked what I need it for and I said for stuff.

    • Hi Maribel. We aren’t totally sure which white dresser you’re talking about! If you provide a few more details we can definitely give you the scoop!

    • Maribel Quesada

      Awesome response time. The dresser is white with silver loop knobs, the drawer fronts have silver corner details. In your Fall video post it has a candle with coffee and one of those lettering boards( I know there’s a name for it).

    • Oh gotcha! That’s Casey’s house…that’s why we were confused! It’s a tall dresser we got from Ikea and added hardware and brackets to. I use it as a “linen closet” since we don’t have one. It holds everything from medicine to first aid kits, etc.

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- great video! So cool!