Mudroom Makeover: Faux Wood Ceramic Tile

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I shared the history and floor plan of our mudroom, then the design plans for this space, then the dramatic paint transformation, and finally chatted about finding the perfect tile from Floor & Decor for this high-traffic room. Today I’m back with my last… but BEST… mudroom update for a while.

Let’s Review

Originally we wanted to DIY this tile job, but the major issues that were lurking under this original clay tile made that pretty impossible. We hired a local contractor (thank goodness) and it took him and his partner four full days to tackle this project because it was so tedious.

Hiring Out This Project

The problem lurking under the floor was that part of the subfloor was concrete, part of it was wood and ALL of it was very unlevel.
Plus the stairs were really slanted downward, making them pretty unsafe for someone who may be unfamiliar with our house or someone not paying attention. Between the subfloor and the stairs, these contractors obviously had their work cut out for them.

They ripped out the old tile, sanded down the layer of unexpected paint on the floor, and then added a coat of self-leveler that made the subfloor far more level. After the self-leveler was set, they came back and laid the tile and… you guys, I don’t think I have stopped staring since!

I mean, can you even?! The new tile is even better than I imagined, I’m seriously obsessed with the light and airy look.

The Cost of Labor

Plus, the floor is level and the stairs are so much safer because of all of their prep work– miracle workers! Unfortunately hiring this job out did add quite a bit of money to the grand total of the project, but it was definitely worth every. I would have DIY-ed it if we could, but the floor issues were far too advanced for us to tackle ourselves. Hiring this team out for 4 full days ended up being around $3,000. Again, this was a bit more than I wanted to pay, and not necessarily the norm for the cost of a professional tile project, but the professionals said this was a lot more challenging than usual and required a LOT more work than usual.

Plus, I saved quite a bit of money by comparing prices. And buying the tile and grout from Floor and Decor helped me save even more. Here’s the exact cost breakdown for the tile:

  • Approx. 200 square feet of tile = $623
  • 2 bags of Navaho Brown Grout = $34
  • 4 days of labor (2 guys) plus their prep materials = $3,100
  • GRAND TILE TOTAL: $3,757
    *I’ll break down the cost of everything together once I we have light fixtures, furniture, a rug, etc.

Back To the New Tile

I’m so glad I went with this tile because I love the warmth it brings to the black and white paint and also love the subtle hint of wood grain it brings without making it feeling too “woodsy.”

Plus, this ceramic tile is indoor/outdoor tile, so I’m hoping it will hold up to all of the elements this mudroom will see (especially throughout the winters).

Before and After

I still can’t get over the dramatic transformation of this entire room.

Just adding paint and new tile makes this space feel completely different. Now I can’t wait to start decorating!

What’s Next?!

Next on my to-do list is to figure out a rug, lights, furniture, and general decor. I’m super excited to start adding these new items, but I also want to take my time from here so I don’t fall victim to design regret. I’m trying to take on these next steps slowly and make these decisions with as much intention as possible.

I’ll keep you updated over the next few months as I fill this space. For now though, I’m just happy staring at this gorgeous space.
Thank you so much for following along on the mudroom makeover so far! I’m hoping there are a lot more dramatic transformations like this to share very soon!!


  • dina

    So I have a bit of a nosy question. Did you guys get a loan for all the renovation costs, or are these coming out of your own pocket? I’m hoping to tackle a large renovation, but I wasn’t sure if there are loans for that. If you don’t feel comfortable answering, that’s ok! Thanks 🙂

    • We are paying for the renovations out of our own pocket. However, I do believe there are construction loans available for home improvement!

    • Construction loans are hard to get! And the rates might not be great. For larger projects that are beyond paying out of pocket for it may be best to apply for a Home Equity Line of credit if you have equity in your home and have lived there for a bit. Construction loans might be best saved for additions or very large cumbersome projects like that. That’s if you can even get one.

  • Gorgeous! It is so amazingly bright! I have floor envy

    • Thank you Heather! I know, the natural light and bright white are giving me all the heart-eyes!

  • Kara D

    That. looks. so. good. AMAZING! I love the tile choice! I love how it’s tile so you know it’ll withstand the weather elements, but you reap the visual benefits of a wooden floor! It’s worth it to hire this kind of project out, especially for a well used space like this – the time, effort and tears you would have shed trying to do it yourself while living there just isn’t worth it!

  • Jill Steinwender

    I really like how that original light fixture over the outside door looks really good with what you’ve done… are you planning on keeping it?

    • It actually does work — you’re right! I plan on keeping it for now, maybe eventually spray painting it black since it’s a dark brown right now.

  • Austin Brewer

    I said it on Instagram, and I’ll say it again – STUNNING. Funny enough, I thought the light over the door was a new feature, but then I realized it was original. It works so well there (at least from pictures, which I know can be deceiving), maybe that’s one less thing to replace! Can’t wait to see how you fill the space.

    • Haha you’re the best!! Thank you! And yes, the light fixture above the door totally works now. I may change it out eventually depending on the direction of the room’s decor but for now… I’m totally happy with it (other than the fact that it’s dark brown instead of black). Maybe a little spray paint someday?

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girl- love the floors! so cool!

  • Kaitlin M.

    This looks so amazing! I am so jealous of this space! Great job picking out all the finishes, what a fantastic room!

  • Ahh, so fresh and pretty! (And for what it’s worth, that price seemed really reasonable – if not a little low! – when compared to the tile job we recently hired out in our garden apartment!)

    • Awww, thanks Kim!! Good to hear that the cost wasn’t outrageous, it was definitely more than I expected. #rookiemistake

  • Erin

    this is such a gorgeous room. I love how the tiles add that warmth to the entire room. the white walls make it bright and fresh. the black doors/trim add dimension, and the floors are just warming it up. What is the main intention of using this room? is it going to be a mudroom? or do you plan on using it as a multi purpose room?

    • Thanks Erin! We are probably going to use this space as a dropzone/mudroom for now. But maybe our needs for this space will morph into something different over time? For now — just a mudroom!

  • Trang

    What a transformation indeed. So very light and airy! I’d want to stare at it all the time too.

    • Thanks so much, Trang!! We’re excited the “hard part” is done. =)

  • That’s beautiful!! Such a HUGE improvement!

  • Christan

    Absolutely STUNNING!! I love most of the projects y’all do, but this might be my most favorite transformation so far 😍😍😍

    • Awwww, you are too sweet!! This may be one of my faves too. 😉 -B

  • Amber Leigh

    Holy transformation!!!!! I’m in love with this!! Wow – what a difference between the before and after. The room looks SO MUCH BIGGER AND BRIGHTER!!!

    • THANK YOU!! I don’t even feel like it’s the same room (thank goodness… haha!)

  • Leisa

    LOVE IT! that tile turned out so good!

  • WOWSA!!! This entryway is gorgeous! I love the brightness the walls give to this space. I am obsessed with the wide plank tile and the stain! It looks like there is this space has enough width to add a locker/bench piece for when the kid(s) get older- to hide backpacks, coats, mittens, boots, baseball bats, soccer balls and all the sports crap! If you couldn’t tell I am in the midst of that right now. Sometimes I want to throw the soccer ball in the washing machine because I have nowhere to put it- argh!!! I am so sorry there were underlying issues with the flooring. That can be so frustrating. But you did the right thing by fixing it from the get go and not trying to curve around the issue.

    • Thanks Colleen!! Yes, this space will someday offer lots of storage and function. Coming from a house that had none of that in the entryway before, I’m so excited!