My Favorites from the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Last week was a BIG WEEK! I launched the gift guide on Monday and then announced our joyous news on Tuesday. Thank you again for all of your love and support (on both fronts!). We really appreciate this amazing community and we don’t take your generous spirits for granted.

Baby it's cold outside

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this week because we have so much to be grateful for. Last year’s holiday season was really, really hard for us. It was difficult to plaster on a smile and go to family gatherings and holiday parties. This year will be much happier and I’m so thankful for that. Baby Finn is so loved already.

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s time to get started on your holiday shopping. I’m hopeful that the gift guide has been a useful resource for you already. I’ve already gotten a chunk of my holiday shopping done using this guide! There truly is something for everyone in there!

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All you need to do is press the OPEN button in the bottom right corner of the image above and the Gift Guide will appear as a full-screen, interactive guide. Then you can flip through the pages (just like a magazine!!) and when you click on the item you love, you will land on the exact website of this product so you can easily get all the details to pick it up later or buy it online right then and there. Or you simply click here and it will go to a new browser for you to shop there!

My 2019 Gift Guide FavoritesMy gift guide favorites

Here are some of my favorites from our holiday gift guide that I’ll be giving to our loved ones this season. I chose a favorite from every page of the guide, so there is something for everyone.

Fur Throw Blanket

Finn’s mom bought us this blanket for Christmas a few years back and it quickly became the most coveted blanket in our house. It’s huge, super heavy, and instantly relaxes your entire body.

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Drill and Bit Set

Whenever anyone asks me what tools they need in their toolbox, I always recommend buying a drill! Every homeowner should have one and this one is a favorite. Make sure you get the one with the drill bits (they’ll come in handy for every project).

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Relative Insanity

We are a game family and I’ve heard rave reviews about this one! It’s kinda like the PG version of Cards Against Humanity. A great gift for parents, siblings, or other family members!

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Magna Tiles Set

My 4-year old nephew is obsessed with these tiles (and has been for years!). He can spend hours creating intricate buildings and houses. A fun and creative game that helps kids learn!

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Gifts under the tree at Christmas

I have so many 2019 gift guide favorites that I could go on and on. I know there are already some great deals happening because it’s Thanksgiving week, so now is the time to get a start on your holiday shopping! That’s my plan over the next week…cross every name off my list!


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