5 Tips to Style your Nightstand

Back in March, we had some fun showing you guys 5 tips to style your coffee table. Well we’re back at it! Today, we decided to tackle a different table top…the nightstand.
Often times this spot can be a drop spot for random bedroom stuff. Think used tissues, glasses of water, piles of books, and a whole lot of unnecessary clutter. That may be the case for many nightstands out there, and we want to change that. A nightstand can look good, and still be functional, and we’re here to show you how to do just that.
5 tips to style your nightstand
Here’s Bridget’s stained wood nightstand…
White bedside table
And here’s Casey’s bright white bedside table. We have two totally different looks, but we’re both applying the same principals when it comes to styling.
nightstand styling
good housekeeping reading material
Tip #1
Keep Reading Material Handy: This is a no-brainer and we would guess most people have books and magazines on their own nightstand. Gotta love drifting off to your favorite novel or trashy magazine! But, just make sure you don’t stack up too many books on your nightstand. Messy, scattered, and toppling over is not a good look.
layering a nightstand
Tip #2
Let the be Light: Okay, duh…another no-brainer. Lamps are pretty much on every nightstand…we get it! But we just want to reinforce that lamps not only add function, but they also add some necessary height to the table. Plus you can really play off your personality with the lamp style. Casey has a bright white shade, while Bridget went with the silver, shiny one. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into a particular style of lamp..have fun with it!
style your nightstand
Tray with glasses
white nighstand
Tip #3
Storage is Key: We both have nightstands with drawers, which is perfect for that “secret storage” we both love. That way you can toss in your tissues, eye mask, and any other bedtime necessities right in the drawers. But we also take the storage up a notch, past just the drawers. Casey has a small tray on her bedside table, to hold earrings, glasses, and other small items. While Bridget hides a wire basket underneath her nightstand for extra blankets and slippers. Gotta love plenty of storage options!
fresh white flowers
Tip #4
Fresh Aromas Set the Mood: We believe that every master bedroom needs one of these two…fresh flowers or scented candles. You know what, why not go crazy and incorporate both?! A small bowl of flowers add some life to Casey’s nightstand, while Bridget’s vanilla candle definitely adds a scent of something special to her bedroom.
styling a nighstand
Tip #5
Layer it up: To take the look up a notch, be sure to add in layers of decor. On Casey’s white nightstand, she puts a tall white frame in the back. This adds some height and brings some dimension to the table top. Bridget incorporates a colorful vase and coral into her nightstand. This just adds texture and differing sizes to the area. Plus, layering gives you a chance to show off your personality and style. Just don’t go overboard with the knick-knacks. Think classy, not cluttered.
There you have it 5 tips to rock your nightstand! So go work on your own bedside table, and then take a much deserved nap. You can cozy up in bed and wake up with the best sight of all…a gorgeously styled nightstand. Sweet dreams friends!


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