$6.99 Office Progress

Half of the office recently made some progress, thanks to a new couch & coffee table, and I can finally report that the other half is slowly catching up (emphasis on the slowly). I’m happy to share that there is a tentative plan in the works and we are baby stepping toward a functional space.
Yes, I am proud to say that my wedding dress (bottom left) has been relocated, the random bin of toilet paper is back where it belongs, and the white IKEA shelving has officially found a new home where she will get a lot more attention than she got here.
After clearing this space out, we were left with this. A. blank. slate.
To me, a blank slate is scarier to work with than a pre-existing mess. I’ll take a disaster zone over a white canvas any day! So when I found myself staring in the eyes of this not cluttered wall of possibilities… I started scouring pinterest, second guessing my original ideas, and feeling far less than confident to tackle my office. Yikes!
That’s when I put my planning on hold and decided to wait until the inspiration found ME! No, I stopped chasing the what-if’s and decided that I will not make any more moves in the office until I found a piece to guide me.
Enter Goodwill’s furniture section. I laid my eyes on this piece and had a new plan all worked out before I even got up to the counter to pay.
$6.99…Got to love some thrift store furniture! But the BEST part of the whole deal?!
There were TWO! My kind of twins!! So for $15 (yes, I know 6.99 x 2 doesn’t = $15) but with tax included, the total came out to be $15 and change. When I brought them home to see if they “fit”, I couldn’t help feeling a little less intimidated by this blank slate, and far more excited to roll up my sleeves and get started!! Home is a work in progress, right?
My plan is to add a wood top, probably white, across the top of these two cabinets. I’m still not exactly sure if I want storage above the desk or more of a gallery wall. Right now I’m focused on getting the top all set and then tackling the next step… hoping something will come to me in between that time.
And I’m still not exactly sure what I want to do in the opening of each cabinet. Printer, possibly? Books, maybe? Other storage, could be? Any suggestions are welcome!! Until then, I’m happy that my $6.99 twins found me and saved me from a hours of hopeless Pinterest searching…