8 Tips for the Perfect Entryway

A home’s entryway serves many purposes. First and foremost it needs to be a functional place. A space that helps you get out the door quickly with everything you need for the day. 

But, it also needs to reflect your style and personality. The entryway will typically be the first space that guests view when they enter your home…so why not allow the area to reflect your style?
8 Tips for the perfect entryway foyer mudroom: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
Here are some tips to help you create the perfect entryway that is both functional and fashionable!
Keys in a white bowl on entryway table white picture frames books : Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
1. Keys: This is my number one tip for an entryway…a place for keys. We typically go with a cute bowl that will hold car keys, house keys, mail key, etc. But, there are many other stylish options to keep all of your keys in one place. Choose what works best for you and your family and you’ll never lose your keys again. 
Boots in a vintage crate kay c draft root beer antique : Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
2. Shoe Storage: We are not the type of household that takes off their shoes right when they enter the home (oops, should probably work on that!) But, if our shoes or boots are wet, muddy, or downright dirty…you are not getting through the hallway with them on. 
Hunter boots in vintage crate antique: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
I found this vintage storage crate and it now holds our dirty footwear. It’s also a good spot for soaking wet umbrellas on a rainy day! No more puddles on the floor…
Basket with winter scarves: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
3. Corral the Clutter: It seems the warm Spring months have finally arrived, but during the Winter there can be clutter up the wazoo around here. Think scarves, mittens, and extra coats galore. To keep everything at hand, I simply added a little basket to our front table. It holds bright scarves to quickly snatch up as I head out the door.
Coat Closet with cute blue knob: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
Hand pulling knob on closet: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
We are also lucky enough to have a nice little coat closet to hold more of our winter gear, along with coats and jackets. I added a cute knob (only a few bucks at Anthropologie) to put my own “touch” on this otherwise blah coat closet. Easy way to add a little personality when you’re a renter!
A mirror will make a dramatic statement as soon as you enter: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook

4. Add a Mirror: Every entryway needs a mirror! I repeat, every entryway needs a mirror! First, it is very functional. You can check yourself out before heading out the door, and make sure every hair is in place. Also, it can add so much light to an otherwise dark hallway or foyer. The mirror will catch the light and make a narrow hallway seem much grander. 

Wooden bench with pillows in front hall: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
5. A place to sit: Remember how we take those dirty shoes off before entering our home? Well, it is always nice to have a place for your tush as you’re taking your shoes off. That’s where our bench comes in handy. 
Table lamp with clear base Ikea: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
6. Let there be Light: A table lamp works well on a long console table. It casts a light glow at night, and gives an inviting and welcoming feel to the hallway. 
Front Hall with rug runner neutral colors table with lamp: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
7. Add a Runner: A long runner cozies up our hardwood floors. Remember where I got this bad boy? ($3 at Goodwill!) Make sure your runner isn’t too close to the front door. You want the door to be able to swing freely open.  Also, invest in a rug pad to keep your runner in place.
White Ikea Table in Entryway Books Keys Frames: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
8. Let your Personality Shine: This may be my final tip, but it is an important one! There are many ways to add a bit of your style and personality to an entryway. Your favorite books? A fun picture? A family monogram? They’re all great ways to show off who you are and what your home is all about.
White Frames with picture and F monogram: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
Young House Love Book Antique Globe: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
DIY Subway Art: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
We proudly display our Subway Art (DIY tutorial here) in our front hallway. It shows all of the stops between our hometown and our current home and is a nice reminder that family is only a train ride away. 
Front Hallway Table with lamp keys and books on it: Design Your Entryway | DIY Playbook
So there you have it 8 tips to make the most out of the first room in your home!

Bridget’s command center is another DIY project that I may add to my to-do list for our own entryway. It’s a fabulous way to stay organized, in style. 

What do you guys think makes up the perfect entryway? Anything else you have in yours that you want to share? 

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