Marriage with a family of four

Ask Casey No. 15

By Casey Finn | February 22, 2022

Answering your questions…baby names we didn’t use, when we tackle home projects ourselves, our kids’ schedules, marriage with two littles, and more!

Rory and Casey during pregnancy - Ask Casey No. 14

Ask Casey No. 14

By Casey Finn | August 23, 2021

Answering your questions! From choosing between public or private schools for our kids, finding time for DIY projects, weaning Rory from a bottle, and more!

Fixing the peeling paint on our house

Ask Casey No. 13

By Casey Finn | July 23, 2021

Answering your questions in today’s post. From painting our home’s exterior, to our childcare plans with two littles, our favorite luggage, tipping etiquette, and more…

ask Casey No. 11

Ask Casey No. 12

By Casey Finn | June 8, 2021

Answering your questions in today’s post! From my fave home splurges, to what I’m buying for the new baby, what I’m worried about parenting two under two, my ND dance team experience, and more…

Sharing more about the business of blogging

Ask Casey No. 11

By Casey Finn | April 22, 2021

I’m answering your questions in today’s Ask Casey Post. From cleaning tips, iPhone photography tips, playroom plans, and more…

Ask Casey No. 10

Ask Casey No. 10

By Casey Finn | March 9, 2021

Answering your questions in today’s “Ask Casey” post. From my thoughts on a “forever home”, to Rory’s schedule, going full-time with the blog, and more…