A Personalized Christmas Gift for your Family

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the holidays I want to check everything off my list without breaking the bank. And if I can get a gift for someone special on the cheap…and personalize it…it’s a win/win!

So last Christmas, my siblings and I wanted to do something extra special for our mom.

She is one amazing woman and we wanted to show her how much we LOVE her! She also has a new house with plenty of wall space. So I thought some personalized art might be right up her alley.

I bought some poster board. Cut it into 5 even panels and traced letters onto the posters. I then filled in the letters and heart with black paint. It didn’t take me long at all!

Now I’ve gotta say…the tricky part about this project was actually getting everyone together to take the pictures. We live all over the country (St. Louis, Denver, & Chicago) and the only time we were all going to be together was for Thanksgiving.

As my mom prepared dinner, we each took turns running outside into the cold, snapping a few pics, and coming back inside. My mom did get a little suspicious as to where we kept going…but luckily we were able to keep it a secret from her!

I think this would be a wonderful idea for any family..young or old. But, I must say that even when the kids are in their 20’s and 30’s (like us), it can be a pain making sure everyone likes their photo! (Man, those brothers of mine really wanted to look good!) It was also a big fight over who got to hold each letter. Some things never change, even as the “kids” grow up…
In the end, it turned out beautifully and my mom absolutely LOVED it. It was a personal and inexpensive gift that she will cherish forever.
My mom displays it in the kitchen for all to see, and everyone who comes to her home just gushes over it!
Happy Holiday Shopping & Crafting!