A Gold & Glamorous Brunch

Good morning sunshines! As we prep for a gold and glamorous new year, these rookies are all about GLAM here on DIY Playbook.
We’re putting a twist on a traditional brunch, and adding a touch of gold to really make your breakfast accessories shine.
Gold Champagne Glasses Coffee Mugs Brunch Glamorous
A ladies’ brunch (or festive New Year’s par-tay) is not complete without some bubbly. Mimosas can make anyone feel glam, and why not easily add some gold to your plain old champagne glasses?
2 clear champagne glasses and valspar gold metallic spray paint
We bought a few cheap champagne glasses at Goodwill, and picked up some Valspar metallic spray paint at Lowe’s.
Now, we knew we only wanted these glasses to be “dipped in gold”…
Taped up champagne glasses
So plastic bags and painter’s tape helped keep the top portion covered from the spray paint.
Spray Paint Champagne Glasses with valspar metallic gold and painter's tape
After 2 light coats of gold..these bad boys were done and ready for their close-up.
DIY Gold Dipped Champagne Glasses
Gold Dipped Champagne Glasses
DIY projects don’t get any easier than this! These champagne flutes are sure to impress your guests at your next brunch gathering.
The other breakfast essential is a great cup o’ joe (you heard about our love for this caffeinated beverage in this post).  We saw these and these and knew we had to re-create our own with a touch of gold and glamorous.
Coffee mug and gold oil based sharpie
All you need is a ceramic mug (dollar store!), some stickers to match your occasion, and a metallic gold OIL BASED Sharpie. Getting an oil based marker is by far the most important step of this rookie craft. Without the oil based Sharpie, your glamorous mug will be toast after she hits the sink.
Personalized Mugs in 3 easy steps
Using these 3, yes only 3, easy steps… you’ll have your very own cup o’ golden joe.
Step 1: Stick the sticker of your choice on the mug.  We used a heart for this mug but the possibilities are endless. Initials, a word, your favorite number, a trendy mustache… let your personality shine!
Step 2: Using your oil based Sharpie, draw dots directly around the object and sprinkle those dots until you find the look that you love.
Step 3: Let the marker dry (just a few minutes) and peel away your sticker. Bake your mug @ 350 for about 25 minutes before using it. This will ensure that the paint won’t chip off when it’s washed. Hint: We prefer hand-washing these delicate mugs just to be safe… but that’s just us!
Gold dotted coffee mugs with sharpie
How about these glamorous mug shots?
Gold dotted mug with happy written on it
Now all that’s left to do is call up your favorite ladies and enjoy the gold & glamorous brunch that you so deserve.
coffee mugs champagne gold berries mimosas
Whether you’re brunching in style or getting glamorous for the upcoming New Year, we hope this project brings you the extra cheer you’ve been looking for!
gray coffee mugs with gold initials
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Cheers to a happy, healthy, sparkling holiday!

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