A Simple Switch…

I’m the one half of the rookie duo that is a renter. And because of this, I often get questions from readers about decorating a space that isn’t truly your own.

That is a great question, and it is something I really struggle with in our loft. I want to paint, I want to build things, I want to replace lighting…but sadly I can’t do any of those things.

Instead, I have figured out some simple switches to make a space you’re renting really feel like a home.


I have a slight obsession with shiny, fun-colored, out of the box knobs. Whenever I visit World Market, Anthropologie, or Hobby Lobby…I always stop and browse their hardware. It’s like jewelry to me!

The good news it that knobs are incredibly inexpensive. Usually you can get a couple for under $10, and there are always great ones to choose from.

Now it probably seems incredibly simple, but knobs are a terrific way to add a pop of personality to a space that you’re renting.

For instance, we have bi-fold doors all over our loft. They originally come with white knobs that are incredibly “blah.” But, I’ve since replaced many of them!

Our coat closet now has a marbled, light blue pull, instead of the white ones that were on there when we moved in. I simple unscrewed the white ones and put the knob and screw into a plastic baggy for safe keeping.

When we eventually move out, I’ll just replace the boring knobs onto all of the doors and take my fun knobs to our next space.

We also have a few ho-hum pieces of furniture in our place. Pieces that don’t have much personality at all. In order to jazz those babies up, I typically swap out the hardware.

It gives each piece some pizazz, without breaking the bank and without making over the entire piece!

I suggest holding onto the original hardware. Just do the same baggy trick and keep it in a drawer in the furniture.

If we had handles on our kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you better believe I would swap them out in a heartbeat! That might be the first place for any other renters out there to start with this simple switch.
So renters let’s rejoice! Show your sass all over your home…without breaking the bank.
We hope you enjoy a Happy Father’s Day weekend! Make sure you show those wonderful men the love they deserve. 

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