Updating an Old Chalkboard with Pink Spray Paint

 Sometimes when we’re out shopping, on the hunt for our latest and greatest treasure, we come across something unexpected.
Our chalkboard we found used - before the DIY upgrade!

Last time we visited New Uses we found this old, beat up chalkboard.

Many would bypass this hidden beauty. But Bridget & I gave her a good once over instead.

Dirty trays and chalkboard we found at a thrift store.

Yep, she was definitely dirty. But like many treasures we find, she had loads of POTENTIAL.

The only problem was Bridget & I didn’t need a chalkboard for our own homes. We already have one in our kitchen (perfect for grocery lists & sweet notes), and Bridget simply doesn’t have the room for one at the Longview Lodge.

So we decided to venture into unknown territory here on the ol’ blog.  Us rookies spruced up this chalkboard for a children’s room #gasp

See, we both have a few more years (okay maybe many years!) until we’ll be decorating our own nurseries and play rooms. But our good friend (& hot mama of 2) is currently jazzing up rooms for her lil’ ones. We immediately thought of her when we saw the chalkboard, and decided that we must makeover the chalkboard for her 2-year-old girl.

Chalkboard makeover before photo. Here's the chalkboard before we spruced her up with spray paint!

But there was no way we were gifting this chalkboard with it looking like this.

The old chalkboard came with a few dust bunnies.

As Bridget would say, “look at those dirty secrets!”

The first thing that old chalkboard needed was a good wipe down with a wet rag and some vinegar. Here is is post-cleaning. See how much better it looks already?

My first step was washing away all of those dirty “secrets.” A mixture of vinegar and water did the trick.

When everything was dry, I covered up the chalkboard with an old issue of Us Weekly (recycling at its finest) and taped off the edges.

Then it was sanding and priming time.

Rustoleum Primer Krylon Ballet Slipper Pink and the other supplies I needed to clean and scrub down the chalkboard to prep it for painting.

I sanded down parts of the wood, so it had an even, smooth surface.

Then, I busted out Rustoleum Primer and gave the piece a nice light coat.

Krylon Spray Paint Ballet Slipper Gloss

For the top coat of color, I chose Krylon’s Ballet Slipper pink in gloss. Similar to choosing nail polish, I chose this spray paint based solely on the name. How adorable is a color called “ballet slipper”? I couldn’t resist…

I ended up giving the piece 3 light coats of the pink.

The chalkboard after we sprayed it with three coats of pink spray paint! It looks so much better already!

Now the frame was looking good, but the chalkboard itself needed some TLC.  Even after wiping down the black chalkboard it still had some scribbles going on. I wanted this chalkboard to be so incredibly easy to draw on, and that just wasn’t going to happen with a quick clean-up job.

Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint Black

I decided a new coat of chalkboard paint was the only way to give this chalkboard a new life.

Tip 1: I’ve used chalkboard spray paint before and I have had no luck. This Rustoleum Chalkboard paint works for me every.single.time. It is incredibly easy to apply and always turns out great.

Tip 2: Be sure to follow the directions on the back of your chalkboard paint. Before writing on the board you have to “condition” the surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the entire surface, and then erase it. This will leave a coat of chalk dust that will provide the best erasability.

We added some cute and colorful striped wrapping paper to the chalk trays to add even more color.

To bring even more color to the project, I mod podged striped wrapping paper to a few areas. Similar to what I did to the cabinets in this project.

Doesn't the striped wrapping paper look cute against the pink spray paint? I love how this upgraded DIY chalkboard is coming together!

I think it adds a cute pop of color to the piece.

Learn how to upgrade an old chalkboard with our step-by-step tutorial! Doesn't this chalkboard look amazing now?

So the project is complete, but the chalkboard still had to ace one final test…

Little girl Lex loves her upgraded pink chalkboard!
We had to make sure this cutie pie liked her new chalkboard…
Les loves to draw on her new chalkboard and I'm so glad we decided to clean it up and spray paint it for her!
Lex loves her birthday gift: our DIY upgraded old chalkboard turned new again with pink spray paint, new chalk paint and a touch of color with a wrapping paper liner.
Luckily, this little sweetheart couldn’t get enough of her new DIY birthday gift!
How to upgrade and old chalkboard before and after photos.
This pink beauty had quite the transformation and we’re happy with our first kid-friendly DIY!
We are so happy with our first kid-friendly DIY project! See how we took an old dirty chalkboard and made it perfectly pink and new again!