A Wild Tradition

I’m going to tell you guys a little story about our friend Bridget.

See, when Bridget was just a girl she had a slight obsession with animals. Cats, dogs, you name it…she wanted any furry creature she could get her tiny hands on. In fact, Little Bridget loved animals so much she became a card-carrying member of the American Kennel Club. #nojoke.  Bridget tried her best to convince her parents to get a puppy. She would proudly display animal calendars in her bedroom, and would eagerly await mail from the AKC in hopes that they would send her new dog-themed merchandise. Spoiler alert…they never got a family pet.

Greeting card with dog on the front

Fast forward 2 decades and Bridget is still receiving strange animal cards in the mail. This time they’re all from me.

Animal Greeting Cards

Yep, the moment I found out about Bridget’s secret (& hilarious) past…I started only sending her “animal cards” in the mail. Birthdays, holidays, thank you notes…every single one that I send has a creature on the cover. 

Greeting card with cat on it

It’s become a funny tradition between the two of us and it makes card shopping that much more exciting! Sometimes the cards are cute, but most of the time they’re just incredibly ridiculous. You also wouldn’t believe the number of animal-themed greeting cards there are out there. Literally hundreds.

Crossing off our bucket list

So with our summer bucket list looming over my head (check it out here), I decided I needed to check something off of our long list.

Send a card to someone just because…

Greeting card with postage and pen
Nothing beats good ol’ fashioned snail mail. 
So do you have any strange traditions with your best friends? 
Anyone else love getting a card in the mail?

The Year of Casey

Hey there!

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