A year in review

It’s official, DIY Playbook turns 1 today! Literally, one year ago TODAY we launched this blog and have been chasing ‘big league decorating dreams on rookie salaries’ ever since! Here are a few of our most memorable moments throughout our first year as a baby blog.
Launched DIY Playbook: Such a fun day! We were overwhelmed by the support and had no clue what a whirlwind year we were in for.
Posted our Most Popular Project to date (Mason Jar Organizer): Thanks to Casey’s genius idea to add mason jars to the bathroom as extra storage, we were able to see some serious traffic early on. This simple project has been our most popular BY FAR and has given us the opportunity to be featured on some pretty awesome sites. Who knew 4 mason jars, some hose clamps, and an old piece of wood could be such a big deal?
Contacted by our 1st Advertiser: You can imagine all of the screams & OMG’s that went into this phone call… yikes. We were on top of the world and not even the idea that the ad spot cost close to nothing could bring us back down to reality. #calledforachampagnetoast
Attended our 1st Blog Conference (Haven Conference): We are so happy that we summoned up the courage to attend our first ever blogging conference. We learned a lot, met some of our favorite bloggers (and blog celebrities!), and ultimately decided that the entire DIY community is pretty dang amazing.
Casey moved back to Chicago: Wow, who knew being 300 miles closer to your blogging partner would make such a huge difference?! Thanks to Casey’s big move, we are able to DIY a lot more TOGETHER, blog together, attend events/meetings/random blogging errands togethers, chase new opportunities that come our way. Not to mention, having your BFF in town makes life a lot more fun too!
We changed our Domain Name: We dropped the “blogspot” behind our name and bought the domain name that we use now, thediyplaybook.com
We had our first “official” photo shoot for Style Me Pretty Living: Again, insert more screaming here. Being featured on SMP Living was pretty amazing and was such a fun experience! It was so fun to dress up B’s house with flowers, fluffy pillows and lots of little details in prep for the shoot. Plus, it was so amazing to watch Gina Cristine work her magic and make Bridget’s house look far more SMP-worthy than it ever did before.
We became small business owners (DIY Playbook, LLC): Yup, we are Casey & Bridget, rookie business owners that can probably afford to buy a sparkly prize from that old gum ball machine and maybe an XL value meal (to share) thanks to our paychecks from DIY Playbook, LLC. This small business takes “rookie salaries” to a whooooollleeeeee new level.
Became weekly contributors for HireAHelper: Who knew that life changes (like Casey’s move to Chicago) would lead us to do business with a pretty awesome company? We’ve had the pleasure to work with a great team over at HireAHelper and we look forward to continuing that through year 2 of our blog.
Set 2014 Goals: Sometimes it’s hard to sit back, take a deep breath, and look at all that you’ve accomplished. We’ve definitely struggled with that. Once we hit a big milestone, we’re looking ahead to the next one…instead of treasuring all that we just accomplished. Together we came up with a big list of goals for the year, and we’re going to celebrate each one as we attain them.
Turned ONE!: In honor of our first birthday, you can bet we will be taking a page from the mommy blogs and indulging in a serious smash cake.
We also planned a BIG GIFT to ourselves…a blog redesign! We’ve DIY’ed this site since day one…and although we’ve learned a lot about coding/html/running a website, we know our limits. We’re never ever going to be professional webmasters and we’ve accepted that. So, we decided to hire a real pro to give us a new look and a super-speedy site. We’re not 100% sure when the new DIY Playbook will be up and running, but just know it will be soon, really soon.
Happy Birthday DIY Playbook!
Bridget and Casey DIY Playbook

The Year of Casey

Hey there!

I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. I’m married to Finn & mom to Rory and Ellis. Together we’re creating our dream home in Chicago, one DIY project at a time.