Ampersand Marquee Sign

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you guys a sneak peek of this gorgeous ampersand marquee sign.

We placed this little gem near our picture display at our bridal shower, and it looked gorgeous all lit up by the fireplace. Bridal-Shower-Fireplace-Display

With the shower behind us, I wanted to find a way to incorporate this awesome find into our home. But wait…let’s back up a second. Where did I find this lit up piece of heaven? Ampersand-Marquee-Sign

I found the marquee letter at HomeGoods for only $50, and I really couldn’t pass it up! I’ve wanted to DIY a marquee sign for a long time now, but with the wedding and chaos of everyday life, I never got around to it. I figured I wouldn’t be able to save much money DIY’ing my own version, so into my shopping cart this baby went. Ampersand-Wall-Art

Perhaps I have a weird obsession with ampersands, because you’ll also find one on our picture ledge wall in the master bedroom. I really love this one..the large size..the muted gray tones…the fact that it actually plugs in and works! Styled-Ampersand

For now this little guy is hanging in our office, because Lord knows we need all the light we can get in that cramped little space. Before adding my swag lamp, it was a dark dungeon. Now with a couple of lamps and my marquee…I can actually see more than just the glow of my computer screen.


Here it is all lit up. Isn’t she dreamy? Ampersand-On-DresserI’m not sure if I’ll keep it here on top of my Ikea hack dresser. I may end up moving it and hanging it on the wall in the office. I just don’t want an unsightly cord hanging down. But for now, I’m fairly obsessed with my marquee light. It certainly makes things a little more “Hollywood Glam” around here…don’t ya think?

casey_sigDo you love marquee signs as much as I do? Have you DIY’ed one before?


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