April Recap & Personal Updates

They say April showers bring May flowers. Let’s hope so because April was full of plenty of showers around here! And in between all of the rain, it was actually a really busy month around here (in a good way!).

In case you were on Spring Break from the DIY Playbook, here’s some DIY updates from April:

Our first Bloopers Video was released <– haha, we can’t watch it without smiling. #nerdalert
We’re working on our Spring Cleaning Goals <– slowly but surely, we’re plugging away! How about you?!
B revealed ANOTHER board & batten project
Easy Mother’s Day Gift Idea <– R&R for those hardworking mama’s
C revealed her Ah-MAZING wedding video <– storybook romance!
Finn shared his Chocolate Chip Cookie Tips & Tricks
We volunteered to CRAFT!
Casey’s eyebrow tutorial <–embrace what you have ladies!
Keychain organization <– who knew nail polish could do such wonders?!
Printing photos on the cheap (already framed?) <– love them!

Now onto what’s been new & exciting behind the scenes at the DIY Playbook:

Palm-Trees-HoneymoonCasey: The Mr. & I had a wonderful time escaping reality for our 10 day honeymoon! We headed down south to a gorgeous resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

It was an awesome trip and I felt so happy to spend so much time with my new husband. We drank lots of margaritas, went snorkeling, worked on our tans, and tried our best to unplug from emails & the work that was waiting for us back home. Finn-Ocean-Sand We returned last weekend, and this week has been a bit of a catch-up for us both. Lots of laundry, groceries, and getting back to our not-so-glamorous life back home. Even though it was great to getaway…there’s just something about coming home sweet home! I’m planning to write a mini honeymoon recap with plenty of tips on what we learned traveling to Mexico (like how to avoid “Montezuma’s Revenge” aka tummy troubles)…so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks!

denver IMG_2334Bridget: Unlike Case, I didn’t leave the country but I did manage to squeeze a little Spring Break getaway into the mix.  We celebrated Matt’s birthday over break and traveled to Colorado with some family and friends for the Chicago Blackhawks Game.


Denver is such a fun city, we had a blast! But outside this mini getaway, the family was super busy DIY-ing Maggie’s new place!!  My little sister closed on her place (get BEFORE pics here) and I can’t wait to share the progress!

And when I wasn’t at Maggie’s place, I was most likely somewhere counting down the minutes until Casey got back from her honeymoon (of course I couldn’t tell her that). It’s scary to run all of the blogging behind-the-scenes without her. But good news: I survived! Plus, it’s May and almost time for finals… summer break, this grateful teacher will see you soon. =)


P.S. A must-see in Denver: Union Station! <– Adorable!


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