27 Stunning Arched Cabinets For Storage and Display

Last week, I revealed my next project in the basement. I’ll transform the closet under the stairs into a mission control center for my space-loving kiddos. I previously stored all our blankets and extra sheets for our air mattress in this closet, so I’m now in a pickle as to where that stuff should go.

Empty spot in our basement

I realized that I should take advantage of this empty space in our basement. It’s just begging for a cute hutch or cabinet to use as some much-needed storage. I took some measurements and then started brainstorming about the exact piece that I wanted for this spot in our basement.

Figuring Out The Style, Shape, & Color

Our new basement furniture includes this gorgeous TV stand
Our Basement Furniture

Whenever I choose a new piece of furniture, I like to look at what I already have in the space. In the basement, I have this curved TV console from Castlery in a medium wood tone. Finn also has this light wood and rattan piece from Pottery Barn in his home office space. Because we already have two wood tones in the basement (light and medium), I don’t want to bring another wood into this space.

Instead, I think a darker finish would work best down here.

Finn's storage piece in his office

Those other pieces also have varying shapes. The TV console has a lot of curved edges, while the buffet has more straight lines. Because of this, I felt like I could go with either option for the cabinet in this space.

In the end, I think an arched top would look best down here. Because the cabinet will be going all the way up to our short ceilings, and we have a lot of straight lines with the bulkhead up there, I think a curved arch will be a welcome shape.

Think About Function

I started perusing black arched cabinets and soon found that I needed to nail down the exact function of the piece before I could choose the right one for me. While there are lots of clear glass display cabinets, I don’t want things to look cluttered in our already busy basement of toys. Instead, I like the idea of some secret storage behind those closed doors. So, this helped me narrow things down when it came time to search. I knew I needed a black arched piece without glass doors.

Before I show you the direction I’m leaning toward, I want to showcase a variety of gorgeous cabinets that I found when shopping online. These aren’t the china cabinets that you might think of featuring grandma’s china. Instead, these are all on-trend pieces that could work in just about any space!

The Best Arched Cabinets With Black Finishes

A roundup of the best arched cabinets

Fern Storage Cabinet // Cabinet With Arched Doors // Mason Cane Storage Cabinet from Urban Outfitters // Black Pottery Barn Cabinet // Perigold Bookcase // Annetta Standard Bookcase // Clementine Dining Cabinet // Modern Farmhouse Hutch // Gunmental Glass Cabinet

First up, some of my favorite furniture pieces with a black finish. I especially love the beautiful design of this solid oak piece. It would look fabulous in a formal dining room with all of your dishes hidden behind it.

The Fern storage cabinet comes in different colors – even a gorgeous light blue! I think that one could be really fun as a bar cabinet with sparkly decanters displayed behind the glass panes. What a beautiful statement piece with those drawer fronts and brass knobs.

Arched Cabinets In Various Wood Tones

Wood arched cabinets to spruce up your home

Natural Storage Cabinet // Dark Brown Storage Cabinet // Rattan & Black Cabinet // Target Wood Cabinet // Glass Door Cabinet // Burlwood Cabinet // Wood Armoire // Grooved Wood Glass Door // Curio Cabinet

I kind of wish that I needed another wood tone piece down here because any of these pieces will stand the test of time. My jaw dropped when I saw the masterpiece of design on that burlwood cabinet. Wow! It’s such a stunner! I also love the solid oak wood on that first cabinet with the arched door detailing.

If you need a budget-friendly find, the woven cabinet from Target is a good one! It’s petite though, so be sure to measure your space.

Unique & Colorful Cabinets

unique arched cabinets with colorful design

Green Storage Cabinet // Glass Door Cabinet // Taupe Bookcase // White Cabinet // Light Blue Mason Cabinet // Fluted Glass Cabinet // Sage Green Bookcase // Dining Cabinet // Pantry Cabinet

If you want a unique cabinet for your home, these are some cool options. I especially love that perfect arched cabinet with the sage green color. It would make for a pretty place to display your favorite books. The taupe bookcase is nice and simple and I envision a wallpaper on the back of it for a young girl’s room. How sweet would that be?

The Functional Cabinet I Like The Best…

I fell in love with plenty of those gorgeous pieces I shared above, but there weren’t a lot with solid doors that hide what’s inside. While I love this arch cabinet from Pottery Barn the most, it’s a tad outside of my price range right now at $3,999. If it was a living room and this was going to be the focal point of the space, I might have splurged more.

In the end, I like this piece from Urban Outfitters the best. The price is better at $1,499 and it’s a stunning cabinet with just the right amount of detailing and texture. Plus, it offers plenty of storage space with spacious shelves to hide away all of our bedding.

Hitting Up The Furniture Outlets!

Enjoying our new sofa to do some work

However, before I add to my cart and pay the regular price, I’m planning a day to hit up the local furniture outlets. We have a Crate & Barrel warehouse, a Pottery Barn Outlet, and a Restoration Hardware outlet all within driving distance. I’ve had lots of luck there over the years getting pieces for our home. They sell lots of clearance items that are final sale and in good condition. I want to peruse those spots first before I go ahead and order anything online.

I’ll be sure to share my shopping adventures on Instagram stories and you can shop right along with me! Stay tuned to see what I end up getting for our basement space.


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