Bachelorette Bottles

Remember when we dressed up wine bottles for your next bachelorette party? Well, well, well… we wanted to make sure we gave you beer drinkers out there just as much bachelorette love! So whether you’re the bride-to-be, an all-star Maid of Honor, or one rockin’ bridesmaid… cheers to you and your favorite ladies drinking in style!
Bachelorette Beer Bottles - Easy DIY tutorial to dress up your beer!
Bachelorette Beer Bottles - check out how simple it is to make your beer festive!
How cute are these little beer bottle tutu’s? We used blue and black, but you can use any colors of tulle to create the tutu color combo that works for your party theme.
Bachelorette Beer Bottles - Use little pieces of tulle to DIY this beer decoration!
Bachelorette Beer Bottles - all you need is ribbon and tulle to make this adorable beer decoration! #beercrafts!
Beyond some ice cold beer bottles, all you’ll need to create these adorable skirts is some ribbon and a whole lot of tulle (which is a type fabric that you can find at any fabric store for pretty cheap!).
Take your bachelorette party to a new level - wrap your beer in tulle and ribbon for a dressy beer bottle!

The tutu’s are removable, so you can re-use them as you finish your beer and move on to your next one! Therefore, you really only need to make as many tutu’s as number of guests at the bachelorette party.

These ribbon and tulle beer skirts are re-usable, so when you finish a beer just pop it onto a freshly opened bottle!
All you have to do is tie (and knot) a piece of sheer ribbon around the bottle to start. Then taking lots and lots of long rectangles of tulle (you’ll have to cut these out of a large piece of tulle), tie & knot a piece of tulle around the ribbon. Repeat this process over and over again until you have made your way all the way around the bottle and have covered the entire base of ribbon with tulle.
Make these Bachelorette Beer Bottles for your next party!
If you get a team of bridesmaids to make these, you’ll have a whole lot of tulle skirts in no time! I think it’s proven that these adorable tutu’s make your beverage of choice taste that.much.better! Enjoy!!



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