Be Our Guest

Finn & I absolutely love love love when people come to visit. It’s like having a grown-up sleepover with your friends and family.

(Side note: Bridget & I totally believe that sleepovers are a “do” even for grown-ups! Why should you stop hanging out with your girlfriends, watching movies, staying up late…just because you’re an adult?! Ours will continue on forever, and hopefully our fort making skills will improve over the years.)

But, there are some steps you need to take to make your guests feel truly welcome in your home. It’s more than just providing a comfy bed and a clean towel. It’s about making them feel at ease and comfortable, and making your space their “Home Away from Home.”

Guest Room Essentials

Here’s a little check-off list of things you might want to incorporate into your own guest room…

The Basics (a.k.a. T-Ball)

Towels in wicker basket for guests

-Clean Towels:  I would recommend providing at least a few for your guest. I’m a fan of all white, because then you can bleach those babies and keep them bright for years!

Towels in wicker basket
Extra pillows and blankets in guest room

-Extra Pillows & Blankets: You don’t want your guests tip toeing around at night in search of an extra blanket if they get chilly. Have everything right there, so they can cozy on up in your guest room.

White nightstand with yellow target lamp

-Bedside Table with Lamp: This allows your guests to read in bed in the morning or at night, and also adds to the coziness of the space.

White Vintage Alarm Clock

-Alarm Clock: Some people might use their phones for alarm clocks, but give them the option of an old fashioned clock.

The Next Level (a.k.a. Minor Leagues)

Open Electrical Outlet

-Easily Accessible Outlet: This tip is often overlooked, but I feel it is very important. It seems like everything needs to be charged these days…phones, ipads, computers. So make sure you have an open outlet for your guests to charge up. Don’t make them crawl on the ground to find one, and then find out it is stuffed with cords from everything else in the room.

Water Decanter Cups

-Water: I’m the kind of girl that has a glass of water on my bedside table every night. I can’t go to sleep without it there. Offer this option to your guests too. You can keep water bottles in a cute basket, or fill up a glass decanter with fresh water.  It doesn’t need to be an eyesore…in fact incorporate it into the spa-like decor of your guest room.


-Tissues: Keep some tissues on the bedside table, or tucked away in the top drawer.

Empty Wood Hangers
Vintage Luggage Rack

-Luggage Rack/Hooks/Extra Hangers: Living out of a suitcase is never fun, but you can make it a little easier on your friends. We have a cute little luggage rack (found at a flea market for $10) that I keep in the room. Extra hangers are also a must. If you’re looking to save space, over the door hooks are great to hold your guest’s wet towels, jackets, and bags.

Practically a Hotel (a.k.a. Major League)

iPhone Charger

-Extra Phone Charger: Often times chargers are overlooked when someone is packing. Anticipate your guest’s needs and have a spare charger all ready to go in your guest room. We have an extra iPhone charger, but it might be a great idea to have a universal charger for all types of devices.

-Ear Plugs & Eye Mask: These touches takes things to the next level and help create that spa and vacation atmosphere for your visitors.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Mason Jar with markers

-Entertainment: This could include old magazines or your favorite books.  If your guests will be staying awhile, you could even share some local magazines or newspapers that might give them some fun options while they’re in town.

Desk with Magazines Better Homes and Gardens
Pen and paper

-Pen & Paper: Because you never know when someone will suddenly have a great idea!

Black Basket
Basket with toothbrush, toiletries, ibuprofen

-Extra Everything: It’s always nice to have some toiletries on hand. I just buy mini versions of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.  Find a cute basket to put all of your mini bottles in and your guests will be blown away by your thoughtfulness. Also, be sure to put some pain relievers in the basket too.

-Mirror: Now this is one tip that we don’t follow, simply because we don’t have the room.  If we had the space, I would add a dresser with a mirror on top, so our visitors would have a place to get ready.

Yellow white and gray guest room
So what do you think? Will you come be our guest?