C vs. B: Who does what around here?

Throughout the month, Casey and I swap (on average) 961 text messages, which translates to approximately 31 texts per day. What’s even more sad about this situation is that I took the time to actually do the math on that. But for the past week, we have swapped ZERO text messages, which translates to exactly 0 per day for 7+ days! <– Quite possibly the saddest part of this entire story.


But there’s no need for any Debbie downers around here today (or ever!!) because there’s a good great reason for Casey’s sudden absence. Miss Casey and her hubby are currently sitting on a gorgeous beach in MEXICO enjoying their long overdue HONEYMOON!! And that’s not even the best part. Miss Casey and her hubby are currently sitting on a gorgeous beach in Mexico enjoying their long overdue honeymoon while celebrating Casey’s BIRTHDAY.

I’m so happy that the birthday girl is enjoying some much deserved time away with her Mr. I do miss her being just a text, phone call or email away, but wow, I’m so happy for her and so excited to hear how her tropical vacay was. Only 3 more days to wait <– not that I’m counting or anything!Palm-Tree

Since half of this duo is MIA for the week, I thought this would be a fun time to share who does what around here. What does Casey take care of behind the scenes? What am I in charge of? What responsibilities do we share? How am I surviving without her?! Who has been writing her posts since she’s been gone? Wow, we have a lot to cover…

Splitting Up our Blogging Tasks

Splitting up our blogging tasksWell, let’s start out with things we tackle together and/or both of us tackle (which is actually the bulk of the work).

What We Tackle Together

  • Writing Posts (we each write our own posts and of course, reading one another’s <– one of our favorite parts!)
  • Photography for posts (we always do our own; my post = my photos, Casey’s post = her photos)
  • Answering emails (Whoever gets to the email first will typically create a draft to reply, the next person reads the draft when she gets to it, makes adjustments and sends away!) #teamwork
  • Responding to comments (whichever one of us authored the post is “in-charge” of answering comments that day)
  • Purchasing supplies (we both purchase supplies. We both have DIY Playbook debit and credit cards to use, so we can make purchases on the business account without the other present)
  • Instagram & Twitter (it switches off, whoever has something to share!)
  • Pinterest (we both try to pin, but I would definitely say Casey picks up my slack on this one!)
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Reaching out to Sponsors
  • Track Payment

Casey’s Blogging Tasks

  • Invoices (Casey is solely in charge of invoicing)
  • Online Shopping for materials <– she’s an Amazon whiz!
  • Creates all Video
  • Edits EVERYTHING! <– she’s a LIFESAVER!
  • Finn monitors all of our finances. And when I say all of our spendings, I mean it! He is AMAZING and he and Casey sit down frequently and go over our money situation. They are quite the dynamic duo!

Bridget’s Blogging Tasks

  • Creates graphics
  • Pick up all of the mail/packages and houses the materials sent our way. <– I always have a stack of “stuff” waiting to pawn off onto Casey. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always take the bait!
  • Take any checks to the bank
  • Write/send any necessary checks #snailmailqueen
  • Create Mood Boards


That’s all I can think of off-hand, but I’m sure I’ll think of “jobs” I forgot to add to the list. As you can see most everything is in the shared/whoever-gets-to-it-first pile, but there are a few orders of business that go into the “just Casey” pile or the “just Bridget” pile.

This list hasn’t ever been formally established (until today I guess), it’s just a pattern that has evolved naturally since the start of the blog. And of course, both of us are always willing to step in and take on each other’s responsibilities if we need to. Creating this list and having Casey MIA for the week has really been a reminder of how LUCKY we are to have each other and how much more FUN and REWARDING the blog is when we tackle it together.

I’m glad Casey is enjoying her Birthday on the beach, probably with a drink in her hand and her hubby by her side… but MAN, I’ll be EXCITED when she’s back!! Things around here aren’t nearly the same without her.casey balloons

Happy Birthday, Casey! I doubt you have internet service right now, but we’re all sending positive vibes and b-day wishes your way.


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