Casey’s Apartment: One Month in…

During the last home tour of our new Chicago pad, I left you with a pretty scary sight..

This is what a messy hallway on moving day looks like.

We’ve now been moved in about a month and things are looking much, much better. The boxes are gone and it is actually starting to feel like home.

Keep in mind this is just a “progress report.” We still have a lot of work to do, and we’re looking forward to sprucing up every square inch of this place.

So take it all in, and realize that each space is still under construction…

Our front hallway is cleaned up and much improved now that we're settled.

You’ll see our big bookcase right when you walk into our place. Therefore, I knew I wanted to personalize it as much as possible.

Bookcase decorations including our Wausau Brewing crate.
Bookshelf with small plant and golden owl.
I added pictures, our favorite books, and small personal nick-knacks to this bookshelf area. We also have a bowl for our keys, and a basket that serves as a “catchall” for scarves and mittens. When we were still unpacking boxes, I styled this area first. I just needed 1 spot in our messy place that felt like “us.”
Sliding class doors leading to a guest room used for storage.
Up to the right, you’ll see our little hallway gallery wall (more on that this Friday!) Then we have the 2 sliding glass doors that go to that oh-so-scary triangle room. Since we moved in this has been a dumping ground for stuff that just doesn’t have a home yet…
Small cluttered corner with guest room items.
This pile is slowly starting to go down, but I can’t seem to find the perfect place for all of my favorite things. I don’t want to make any rash decisions and hang something too early…only to hate it after a week. For now I’ll just keep slowly chucking away at that corner pile o’ stuff.
Double Ikea desk and organized office space.
We originally had plans to turn this room into a guest room/office. But once we put our belongings in there, we quickly realized it was just way too small to fit it all. Instead we decided to buy a double desk and truly make this an office where we could both work. The desk and chairs are from Ikea and took quite awhile to put together. So far we are totally loving this setup, but we still have lots of work to do to make this space complete. I’m thinking art above the desks? And then a big comfy chair in the “pile o’ stuff” corner? I think it would make for a nice reading blogging nook.
Kitchen with brown cabinets and mint sideboard table.
Next, we move into the main area of our place. The kitchen and family room. Luckily we have plenty of cabinet space, so all of our kitchen supplies fit very nicely. Our Ikea stools are still going strong, and we even found a nice home for our bar cart.  All a must for entertaining…
White and blue accents in the family room.
The family room is really coming together. I purchased a few pillows (still need to buy a few more) and I am really liking the color palette in here. Very light & airy! I have plans to DIY some wooden shelves and will be adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to those white curtains that I hemmed in this post.
Family room with a white couch and skyline painting on the wall.
Balcony with two small chairs and a table.
Our outdoor space..yikes!  We had some leftover outdoor furniture from our time in Wisconsin, so it is currently hanging out on our balcony. Obviously it is December, so we’re not really spending much time out here anyways. Come spring I will definitely make this a little outdoor oasis with lights, flowers, and a new grill!
Master bedroom decorated in whites and grays with pops of green.
I think our bedroom is coming together quite nicely. We’re still absolutely in l-o-v-e with our West Elm duvet cover (soooo comfortable!) and I still adore the gray and green accents. We recently purchased bamboo shades for the windows (more on that soon) and I have future plans to DIY an upholstered headboard.
Cute display on the top of our dresser.
I’m happy our quote on canvas found a spot in our new home. The quote resonates with me now more than ever. I look back just a few months ago and remember how scared and uncertain we were about the future. Would we find the right jobs? Would we find a place to live? I realize now that it all works out in the end and there is no reason to fear the future.
So even though I’m anxious to get our place looking “perfect”, I constantly need to remind myself to enjoy the process and make each moment we have here count.


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