Casey’s Wedding Shower: Recap

Well it’s official. The bachelorette party is over, our wedding shower has come and gone, and now it’s full steam ahead towards 10.11.14…our wedding day! But before we completely immerse ourselves in our final wedding plans, I want to show you guys some highlights from our gorgeous bridal shower. Casey poses at her photo booth at her bridal shower.

As you know, Bridget is my Matron of Honor and she has gone above and beyond for every step of the wedding planning process. I don’t know how she does it…between the blog, her new hubby, coaching golf, oh and working a full-time job…she somehow managed to create and DIY so many personal touches for our gold and glam bridal shower. She helped my mom organize the entire event, and together they created such a perfect day for Finn & I. I’m so lucky to have such special women on my “bridal team.”

Okay..enough gushing! Now onto the shower details…

This cute chalkboard sign adds character to the bridal shower. I’ll just give you a heads up that you’ll see many of the items from the shower, at our actual wedding. We’ve collected so many fun goodies for our reception and we thought it would be silly to only use them once! So this chalkboard sign didn’t just come in handy for the shower, but it will also welcome guests to our wedding day!

This front table at the bridal shower is elegant with fresh flowers.

If you remember our bridal shower invitation post, then these Marriage Advice cards may look familiar. We sent them out with the invites, and all of the women filled them out and brought them to the shower. We displayed them on the chicken wire board, and then read them all out loud at the end of the party. So many words of wisdom from so many intelligent and loving women.

This framed wedding invitation adds sentiment to the bridal shower.

This picture board is filled with old and new memories of the engaged couple. We used Jan’s fireplace and mantle as a prominent place to showcase some fun DIY’s and decor. The picture board held hundreds of photos of Mike and I from our childhood, and it was so fun to have our guests look back at many beautiful memories. We laughed at some of the ridiculous childhood pics, and concluded that if we have kids they’ll definitely be little blondies. The ampersand and lanterns will also be repurposed for our wedding day, and they added some romance and whimsy to the fireplace area.

To add to the mint, gold, and coral color scheme, Bridget found some gorgeous decorations to incorporate into the display.

This gold, mint & white garland & tissue paper pom-poms came from this amazing shop on Etsy! We LOVE how the garland strands come in almost any color combination you could dream of, which worked out perfect for our bridal bash. The garland is the perfect touch of “party” but isn’t limited to just party decor. We’ve seen bloggers use amazing strands like this above their bar cart, to decorate for the holidays, to accessorize a nursery, or just to add a pop of fun into their general decor! You have to check out this adorable shop and let us know what color combo you would choose! (And yes, we know, it’s hard to pick only one!)

These ice cream toppings at the bridal shower dessert table look tasty. This cocktail area is farmhouse style and so adorable. This custom spritz cocktail is a fun addition to the bridal shower beverages. As for the food and drink…there was plenty! Tons of appetizers and a feast for dinner, but more importantly let’s talk about drinks and dessert! We served our guests champagne and wine, and we also created two fun cocktails that matched our color scheme. A coral colored Aperol Spritz and a minty green Hugo Cocktail. The Hugo was a crowd (& bride) favorite. Delish. For dessert we had an assortment of bars, cupcakes, and chocolates…but the main attraction? An ice cream bar! Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day?

Now onto my favorite part of the shower…our DIY photo booth! Do you remember Bridget’s photo booth from her wedding? Well, it was such a big hit, so we knew we wanted to repurpose it for this party. We used the same gold frames from B’s big day, and she even DIY’ed a gorgeous fabric background (she used this tutorial & claims it took her less than 20 minutes?!). We had big plans to do the photo booth outdoors, but the weather was so iffy all morning long. So we improvised and hung the fabric background on a blank wall in my mom’s house. It ended up looking adorable, and I think our guests really enjoyed stopping to say, “cheese!”

These table runners pair well with fresh flowers.

These bridal shower tables are elegantly decorated. It was a wonderful day and it only cemented our belief that we’re truly the luckiest couple. To be surrounded by so many generous family and friends, that’s all we could have ever wanted! I was so happy to have my groom by my side for the entire party (what a keeper!) and we ended the night exhausted, but with hearts full of joy.

Bloggers and best friends Casey and Bridget pose for a photo together. A big thanks to my bestie and blogging partner-in-crime for all of her hard work. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see how she made the gold “FINN” letters for our mantle display. Seriously such a quick and easy (yet glamorous!) DIY project.

This chalkboard sign with a thank you from the bride and groom is adorable. casey_sig

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