• Built-in Shelves with Simple Spring Touches

    Built-in Shelves with Simple Spring Touches

    My built-ins are such a stranger on the blog, which should not be the case since I love them so much. I think I am hesitant to photograph this part of my home because photos never seem to give this space justice. With the glare from the front windows and the huge black TV, IKeep…

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  • Kitchen Shelves: Sneak Peek!

    Kitchen Shelves: Sneak Peek!

    The last time we chatted about Maggie’s Chicago condo, we were knee deep in paint colors. Well we’re happy to report that things are moving along quite nicely in her new pad. The walls are painted, the furniture is almost in place, and we’ve started our favorite part…the styling and photographing. The living room isn’tKeep…

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  • Gallery Wall Updates in B’s Office Space

    Gallery Wall Updates in B’s Office Space

    About a year ago I revealed my office desk area, which was a combination of two $6 Goodwill Cabinets and a DIY wood desk top (more details here). Little by little over the past year I have taken pieces off of the gallery wall to use in other parts of the house, until eventually, thisKeep…

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  • Decorating: Where should I start?

    Decorating: Where should I start?

    Watching Maggie become a first-time homeowner has definitely been an enlightening process for us. Although Mag was super excited for her first place, she also shared how overwhelmed she felt at the idea of decorating that space from scratch. The girl has serious style, loves fashion, wants her place to look great but isn’t reallyKeep…

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  • Condo Makeover Inspiration

    Condo Makeover Inspiration

    Remember when we chatted about Maggie’s Condo Makeover? Well, Maggie handed over creative control to Casey and me (more on that here) and we are knee-deep in the planning process. Although we have “control” over the makeover, we still wanted to make sure the new place oozed Maggie’s style and was a place she wasKeep…

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  • Maggie’s New Condo: BEFORE

    Maggie’s New Condo: BEFORE

    My little sister (Maggie) bought a place in downtown Chicago! Beyond a big sister just being super proud and excited for her, I’m sharing this breaking news on the blog because Maggie has graciously given Casey and me creative control of the condo makeover!! Yes you read that right, Maggie has somehow agreed to letKeep…

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  • Frame your Pictures the Easy Way

    Frame your Pictures the Easy Way

    We love decorating our homes with pictures of our favorite people and our favorite moments in life. It’s just such a nice way to personalize your space and fill your home with happy memories. But, sometimes it can be a big pain to order your prints, find the correct mat, and purchase a frame thatKeep…

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  • How to Style Shelves

    How to Style Shelves

    Back when we did our reader survey, many of you said that you wanted more tips & tricks on how to make every inch of your home look good. Well we heard you loud and clear, and we are so excited to share some of our favorite styling tips with you. Now, let’s first sayKeep…

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  • New Plush Bathroom Towels

    New Plush Bathroom Towels

    [Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by JCPenney. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!] Towels are like the frosting of a bathroom. They’re the light, fluffy final touch on the space and make a boring space look that much more sweet.  But I’m very particular when it comes to towels, and I’mKeep…

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  • How to Style an Entryway Shelf 2 Ways

    How to Style an Entryway Shelf 2 Ways

    Last week, we showed you guys how to make your own “gold & glamorous” marble shelf using this tutorial. Such an easy project with a high-end result! Today we’re back with 2 different ways to style this entryway. Option 1: THE GIRLY GIRL The first look definitely has that girly-girl feel. We like to thinkKeep…

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  • Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors in Our Homes

    Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors in Our Homes

    Looking for the perfect neutral paint color? Here are the ones we each have in our homes…

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  • Master Bedroom Source List

    Master Bedroom Source List

    We’re not always great at identifying exactly where we purchased everything around our homes, but we’re trying to get better about that here on the DIY Playbook! If you were wondering where B scored some of her Master Bedroom decor, wonder no more! Here’s a SOURCE LIST for everything (and yes, we mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g) inKeep…

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