• Our Summer Chicago Balcony

    Our Summer Chicago Balcony

    Earlier this week, I showed you guys how I re-screened our patio door all by myself. Can you tell I’m proud? Now that we have a working screen door there was no excuse for the sad state of our balcony. Since we moved here in October, we haven’t been able to fully appreciate this cozy

  • Laundry Room – Gallery Wall Details

    Laundry Room – Gallery Wall Details

    Yay for amazingly creative people who share their creations with the world to enjoy over & over again on the internet. I mean seriously though, I love them! It’s crazy how generous & resourceful the internet can be and how many amazing treasures you can borrow from the internet to make your home perfect for

  • Budget-Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

    Budget-Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

    Our laundry room was beige and boring. Now it’s white & bright with our latest laundry room makeover…

  • 5 Tips to Style your Nightstand

    5 Tips to Style your Nightstand

    Back in March, we had some fun showing you guys 5 tips to style your coffee table. Well we’re back at it! Today, we decided to tackle a different table top…the nightstand. Often times this spot can be a drop spot for random bedroom stuff. Think used tissues, glasses of water, piles of books, and

  • Laundry Room Plans

    A few weeks ago, I blogged about some MINOR laundry room updates & chatted about how I gave this neglected space a temporary fix. (little did I know just how “temporary” that fix would really turn out to be). After the post was published and I was looking back at the pictures, I quickly realized

  • 10 Tips for Decorative Pillows

    10 Tips for Decorative Pillows

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again..and again…and again. We’ve got a serious thing for throw pillows…

  • Casey’s Office Progress

    Casey’s Office Progress

    Since we moved into our Chicago apartment last October, I’ve complained about the small “triangle room” we have. It’s oddly shaped, oddly sized, and it became quite the design dilemma for me. In fact, ever since we moved in this room has just been a catchall for all of our clutter. Basically if we had

  • Decorating Over the Couch

    Decorating Over the Couch

    When you’re a home decor blogger, you expect to get emails from readers looking for the “scoop” on the items you feature and display in your home. We love dishing these details and telling you guys where we’ve found some of our fabulous scores! But there is one frequently asked question that we receive pretty

  • Bright City Space

    Bright City Space

    She’s fashionable. She’s funny. She’s humble. She’s honest, sometimes a tad too honest. She’s by far the most generous & thoughtful person I know. She adores Nashville, but not as much as she loves Chicago. She secretly does great things when she thinks no one is watching & would never step forward to take credit

  • Jewelry Cabinet Organization

    Jewelry Cabinet Organization

    I love being a city girl.  I love being right in the heart of all of the action. I love the ability to walk 2 blocks east and be on the lakefront. I love being able to hop on a train and explore all the nooks and crannies of this fabulous place I’m blessed to

  • 1 Item…3 Ways: Blue Vase

    1 Item…3 Ways: Blue Vase

    In honor of our partnership with HomeGoods, we decided to start a mini series (even a mini “challenge” if you will) here on DIY Playbook. We are calling it: 1 Item…. 3 Ways. Can you guess what it’s about? We wanted to focus on how we could use some of our treasures in more ways

  • HomeGoods Coffee Table for My Home Office

    HomeGoods Coffee Table for My Home Office

    I found a new table for our home office. Here’s the one I found from HomeGoods for a steal…