• A Modern & Masculine Condo Makeover

    A Modern & Masculine Condo Makeover

    When we started this little blog, we had no idea that people would consider us “experts” in the home decorating field. We still consider ourselves to be hardcore rookies when it comes to interior decorating. However, we’ve certainly learned a few tricks along the way, and we’re always happy to share what we learn with

  • Above the Fridge Decor

    Above the Fridge Decor

    Decorating and styling awkward spaces is…well, awkward. One area I’ve always had a problem styling is above the fridge. If your refrigerator doesn’t fit perfectly snug under your cabinets (or you have no cabinets at all), then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Check out our refrigerator area. Our fridge is short and squat and

  • B’s Office Updates

    B’s Office Updates

    I’ve been a bad blogger. A bad, bad DIY blogger. We bought our home almost a year and a half ago (how time flies!) and I have left one space in our house, completely untouched & u-gly. Don’t judge me… YIKES! I’m embarrassed to even let you see this awful space. Randomness everywhere, and when

  • Casey’s Downtown Apartment

    Casey’s Downtown Apartment

    Hi there favorite readers! We’re always trying to keep things up to date here on the site, and home tours are a big part of that. So today I’m showing you the latest look of our Chicago apartment. We’ve only been here for about 6 months, but things are slowly coming together. There are still

  • Fresh Woven Rugs

    Fresh Woven Rugs

    I was never a rug-in-the-kitchen-kind-of-girl. My mom never used a rug in the kitchen, my grandma never had rugs in her kitchen, so naturally… why would I? I never really thought about it, until I stumbled upon a long kitchen runner that begged me to take her home. Since I’m a sucker for stripes, I

  • 5 Tips to Style your Coffee Table

    5 Tips to Style your Coffee Table

    When it comes to home decor, styling tops the list as our most favorite part of the decorating process. Oftentimes we fly through a DIY project, in eager anticipation of the final step…styling the big after shot! We’ve both come a long way in styling vignettes, but we’ve only gotten better with practice and trial

  • My Reading Nook Scores

    My Reading Nook Scores

    Last week I showed you guys our new swag light. Pretty groovy, right? In that post, I promised I would disclose about the chair and little cart, so let’s get right down to it and dive into those details. I originally ordered a gray modern chair for the space with a hefty price tag of

  • Bye Bye Beige in the Bathrooms

    Bye Bye Beige in the Bathrooms

    When we moved into our Chicago pad, we decided to paint the entire place with a fresh coat of gray. Well…I shouldn’t say entire place. We did most of our new condo, but decided to forgo the bathrooms.  Just because bathrooms can be very difficult to paint…I mean c’mon…who wants to crawl behind the toilet

  • How to Hang a Swag Light

    How to Hang a Swag Light

    Remember when I moved into our new place and I told you guys about our scary triangle room? Well we chatted about it that one little time, and then I proceeded to ignore the room for 3 months.  Ignoring it meant baaaad things for that little space. That room instantly became the catchall for clutter,

  • Closet Makeover

    Remember when I installed closet shelves a few weeks ago in my craft closet? I had some leftover material and decided to use it to tackle a few more closet shelves in my coat closet. Goodness knows that this space needed a little a lot of organizing attention. Take a look for yourself… Before the makeover, the

  • Master Bedroom Picture Ledges

    Master Bedroom Picture Ledges

    I’m taking an unofficial poll here… How many of you are totally TV in the bedroom people? I’m talking that bad boy is on your dresser, you watch your favorite shows in bed, and you fall asleep to it on every night. (I’m guessing maybe a majority??) Now, how many of you say “no way”

  • Making a Statement

    Making a Statement

    If you’re a regular here on the DIY Playbook, this statement chair is old news. Howeverrrr…. over the past few months I have gotten quite a few questions about where I bought this gem and when One Kings Lane approached us to dish on this little darlin’, I thought this was the perfect chance to