• Storage Solutions in a Small Home

    So, if any of you have ever rented an apartment, loft, or condo…you know that storage is usually scarce. You’ll maybe be lucky to have a coat closet…or a linen closet. But typically not both.  And if you’re like me, then you enjoy when all of your “stuff” has a designated spot to call home.

  • Heavenly Couch, Thanks Macy’s

    Heavenly Couch, Thanks Macy’s

    Furniture shopping is___________________.a. Overwhelmingb. Intimidatingc. Excitingd. Full of commitmente. All of the above Answer: (E). All of the above. Throughout allllllll of the adventures that come along with furniture shopping, I have felt all of these emotions and more, many, many more. Trying to pick out the perfect couch; one that has the ideal ratio of comfy to cozy, trendy to

  • Bridget’s Suburban Ranch

    Bridget’s Suburban Ranch

    ‘ Come check out Bridget’s Patio Makeover here. Check out even more pictures of our home tour on Style Me Pretty! PS. If you are looking for some holiday inspiration, come check out some inspiration here…  here…. here….  or here! 

  • Casey’s St. Louis Loft

    Casey’s St. Louis Loft

    Hello, hello! Come on in and get cozy!   My fiance Finn and I called this spacious loft home in downtown St. Louis, before moving to our current Chicago condo. Take a peek at our old place!