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  • Guest Room Gallery Wall

    Guest Room Gallery Wall

    Disclaimer: We have partnered with Minted to bring you this post. All opinions are our own and are not influenced by Minted. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support this blog! I love a good gallery wall. Especially ones chock full of gorgeous art, sentimental pieces, and frames that add a dash ofKeep…

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  • We Heart Hidden Storage

    We Heart Hidden Storage

    As you guys very well know, we both live in small homes. But we’re still living very BIG lives, even though each of our spaces is only about 1,200 square feet. We don’t have “stuff” all over the place, we keep our homes organized, and while we’d love a few more closets…we’re really doing a-okayKeep…

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  • How to Bring the Outdoors in this Spring

    How to Bring the Outdoors in this Spring

    We teamed up with Simon to bring a little spring indoors! Come check out our 5 ways to do just that, with indoor planters, terrariums, and more…

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  • Making the most out of an imperfect couch

    Making the most out of an imperfect couch

    So yesterday we shared our HONEST, uncensored thoughts about each of our couches. ((Spoiler Alert from yesterday’s postyesterday’s post)): neither of us have the “perfect couch” and both of us have things we would do differently next time we’re in the game to buy a new couch. You live and ya learn, right? B’s couchKeep…

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  • 6 Flower Vases All Homeowners Should Own

    6 Flower Vases All Homeowners Should Own

    Is it just us or does anyone else feel far more “put together” when your nails are painted? In all actuality you could be a hot mess, but you glance at those colorful nails and you’re already feeling far less of a disaster?! This is how we feel when it comes to buying flowers forKeep…

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  • Gallery Wall around a TV: Tips & Tricks

    Gallery Wall around a TV: Tips & Tricks

    Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Add a gallery wall around it for a more cohesive look. Here’s how…

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  • Maggie’s Built-ins

    Maggie’s Built-ins

    We feel like we literally need to refresh your memory because it’s been so long since we chatted about the progress of Maggie’s place. We can’t believe it’s been almost TWO months since we revealed Maggie’s living room. Back then, pretty much every inch of her place looked AH-MAZING except for one small part…the blankKeep…

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  • Home Decor Shopping: When to BUY vs. when to PASS

    Home Decor Shopping: When to BUY vs. when to PASS

    The struggle is real. <– and we are still learning, practicing, and trying to perfect the famous “shopping for home decor skill”. And yes, we do feel that shopping for new home decor is a legit skill, one that should be taken very seriously if you want to avoid the dreaded symptoms of design regret.Keep…

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  • How to Style Bathroom Shelves + REVEAL

    How to Style Bathroom Shelves + REVEAL

    Think of today’s post as a TWO for ONE deal. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Two post topics in the form of one post — how the heck can you beat that? Haha weeeellllll…. maybe don’t answer that part. First topic: Maggie’s Bathroom Before + After Second Topic: Tips on Styling Bathroom Shelves <–Keep…

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  • Kitchen Shelves: Sneak Peek!

    Kitchen Shelves: Sneak Peek!

    The last time we chatted about Maggie’s Chicago condo, we were knee deep in paint colors. Well we’re happy to report that things are moving along quite nicely in her new pad. The walls are painted, the furniture is almost in place, and we’ve started our favorite part…the styling and photographing. The living room isn’tKeep…

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  • Decorating: Where should I start?

    Decorating: Where should I start?

    Watching Maggie become a first-time homeowner has definitely been an enlightening process for us. Although Mag was super excited for her first place, she also shared how overwhelmed she felt at the idea of decorating that space from scratch. The girl has serious style, loves fashion, wants her place to look great but isn’t reallyKeep…

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  • How to Style Shelves

    How to Style Shelves

    Back when we did our reader survey, many of you said that you wanted more tips & tricks on how to make every inch of your home look good. Well we heard you loud and clear, and we are so excited to share some of our favorite styling tips with you. Now, let’s first sayKeep…

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