Styling Tips

  • Half Bathroom Tour

    Half Bathroom Tour

    As a home blogger, it can be a little strange that so many people know exactly what the inside of your home looks like. We try to really open our lives to you guys, and showcasing every inch of our homes is a part of that. I’m not gonna lie, it does make me feelKeep…

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  • “Real Art” for my Gallery Wall

    “Real Art” for my Gallery Wall

    (We know we told you yesterday that today we’d share all of the details about our Vine video, but that post wasn’t quite ready to go live today. Next week…we promise! Okay now onto the real post for today.) We’ve officially lived in our Chicago apartment for about a year now, and boy oh boyKeep…

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  • Decorating Over the Couch

    Decorating Over the Couch

    When you’re a home decor blogger, you expect to get emails from readers looking for the “scoop” on the items you feature and display in your home. We love dishing these details and telling you guys where we’ve found some of our fabulous scores! But there is one frequently asked question that we receive prettyKeep…

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  • Above the Fridge Decor

    Above the Fridge Decor

        Decorating and styling awkward spaces is…well, awkward. One area I’ve always had a problem styling is above the fridge. If your refrigerator doesn’t fit perfectly snug under your cabinets (or you have no cabinets at all), then you’ll know what I’m talking about.     Check out our refrigerator area. Our fridge isKeep…

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  • 5 Tips to Style your Coffee Table

    5 Tips to Style your Coffee Table

    When it comes to home decor, styling tops the list as our most favorite part of the decorating process. Oftentimes we fly through a DIY project, in eager anticipation of the final step…styling the big after shot! We’ve both come a long way in styling vignettes, but we’ve only gotten better with practice and trialKeep…

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  • Styling 101: How to Style a Bar Cart

    Styling 101: How to Style a Bar Cart

    I’m a big fan of entertaining. It’s always so nice to have friends and family over to hang out, have a few cocktails, and eat some munchies. We like to accommodate all of our guests with a wide variety of beverages. That’s why we’re always well stocked with a plethora of wine, hard alcohol, andKeep…

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  • Heavenly Couch, Thanks Macy’s

    Heavenly Couch, Thanks Macy’s

    Furniture shopping is___________________.a. Overwhelmingb. Intimidatingc. Excitingd. Full of commitmente. All of the above Answer: (E). All of the above. Throughout allllllll of the adventures that come along with furniture shopping, I have felt all of these emotions and more, many, many more. Trying to pick out the perfect couch; one that has the ideal ratio of comfy to cozy, trendy toKeep…

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