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  • Kitchen Shelves: Sneak Peek!

    Kitchen Shelves: Sneak Peek!

    The last time we chatted about Maggie’s Chicago condo, we were knee deep in paint colors. Well we’re happy to report that things are moving along quite nicely in her new pad. The walls are painted, the furniture is almost in place, and we’ve started our favorite part…the styling and photographing. The living room isn’tKeep…

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  • Decorating: Where should I start?

    Decorating: Where should I start?

    Watching Maggie become a first-time homeowner has definitely been an enlightening process for us. Although Mag was super excited for her first place, she also shared how overwhelmed she felt at the idea of decorating that space from scratch. The girl has serious style, loves fashion, wants her place to look great but isn’t reallyKeep…

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  • How to Style Shelves

    How to Style Shelves

    Back when we did our reader survey, many of you said that you wanted more tips & tricks on how to make every inch of your home look good. Well we heard you loud and clear, and we are so excited to share some of our favorite styling tips with you. Now, let’s first sayKeep…

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  • How to Style an Entryway Shelf 2 Ways

    How to Style an Entryway Shelf 2 Ways

    Last week, we showed you guys how to make your own “gold & glamorous” marble shelf using this tutorial. Such an easy project with a high-end result! Today we’re back with 2 different ways to style this entryway. Option 1: THE GIRLY GIRL The first look definitely has that girly-girl feel. We like to thinkKeep…

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  • Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors in Our Homes

    Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors in Our Homes

    Looking for the perfect neutral paint color? Here are the ones we each have in our homes…

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  • How to Arrange Euro Shams

    How to Arrange Euro Shams

    Bridget: There’s one thing about Casey’s master bedroom photos that always caught my attention. Her bed’s pillows.   I would look at my bed (left) and then look at photos of her bed (right) and always ask myself, “how does she do that?! How do her pillows always look so full, perky, gorgeous, and soKeep…

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  • DIY Bar Accessories for your Bar Cart

    DIY Bar Accessories for your Bar Cart

    It’s no secret around here, we love a good bar cart (as evidenced by this post, this holiday bar cart, this modern bar cart, oh and this one too!) We heart them because they’re so much fun to style and they also offer great storage for all of your entertaining essentials. I’ve had mine forKeep…

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  • 6 Steps to a Functional and Fashionable Bathroom

    6 Steps to a Functional and Fashionable Bathroom

    We have one bathroom in our house. ONE! I’m not complaining, just stating the facts. Believe it or not there are actually times I really love having just one bathroom… like when it’s time to clean the house. One and done! Plus, having one smaller bathroom in our house forces us to use our spaceKeep…

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  • Half Bathroom Tour

    Half Bathroom Tour

    As a home blogger, it can be a little strange that so many people know exactly what the inside of your home looks like. We try to really open our lives to you guys, and showcasing every inch of our homes is a part of that. I’m not gonna lie, it does make me feelKeep…

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  • “Real Art” for my Gallery Wall

    “Real Art” for my Gallery Wall

    (We know we told you yesterday that today we’d share all of the details about our Vine video, but that post wasn’t quite ready to go live today. Next week…we promise! Okay now onto the real post for today.) We’ve officially lived in our Chicago apartment for about a year now, and boy oh boyKeep…

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  • Decorating Over the Couch

    Decorating Over the Couch

    When you’re a home decor blogger, you expect to get emails from readers looking for the “scoop” on the items you feature and display in your home. We love dishing these details and telling you guys where we’ve found some of our fabulous scores! But there is one frequently asked question that we receive prettyKeep…

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  • Above the Fridge Decor

    Above the Fridge Decor

        Decorating and styling awkward spaces is…well, awkward. One area I’ve always had a problem styling is above the fridge. If your refrigerator doesn’t fit perfectly snug under your cabinets (or you have no cabinets at all), then you’ll know what I’m talking about.     Check out our refrigerator area. Our fridge isKeep…

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